Inspection Dejavu

I live and work in a very small town, just over 3000 with very few home inspectors. I recently inspected a home that my client decided to pass on. So it is well within the scope of possibility that I could be hired to inspect this same home again by another interested party. So my question is how to professionally deal with this? It would be completely redundant to do another inspection as I already have the information. But to simply edit the report to the new client seems not right either. Perhaps that at a reduced rate?

I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts.


Our contracts read our inspections are snapshot in time. The pictures you snap the second time are not one in the same. Just inspect it like you never did before and move on to the next.

Billy is right, I’ve inspected one house 3 times this year.

First time tons of mold, wetness etc… buyer passed.

Second time a mold company had been there, but loads of sheetrock was torn down and the leak sources were apparent but not repaired, the buyer passed as the work had need to do was more than he thought.

Third Time, a rehab guy bought it and flipped it, I was looking at it for another buyer who purchased the home.

Just do the inspection again.

Yep, totally different inspection. I’ve done several same address inspections.

Thanks guys. Much appreciate your input.