Do you charge full price for an second property from the same client

Quick question,

A couple days ago, I’ve done an home inspection for a client. This morning, the same client found different property she needs to inspect. Should I charge full price, half price or no charge?

I give repeat clients a discount.

It depends on the situation but I gave 20% off on the second home and those thereafter.

I do as Larry does.

I charged full for the second and discounted 50% if they went to a third or more.

$50 off !..

Repeat business is great! But it’s a different location. A discount would be in order. Only you can figure out the percentage. I’m with Larry and Joe.

I charge my usual fee. No discount, never had a problem. I don’'t discount my effort during the inspection. I’m not saying any of you hold back. :slight_smile:


Do you tell your wife about it, Joseph? :joy: :eyes:

It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes I discount 15%, but some of them insist on buying ‘Flips.’ More work for me and generally an indication of poor Agent guidance. If I had a nickel for all the . . .



Whew!!!..:nerd_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :face_with_monocle:

I’ve always thought it odd how many clients ask about a discount for a second inspection. I mean, your local plumber, electrician, etc, doesn’t give you a discount for repeat business. You’re family doctor doesn’t give you a discount for repeat business. My accountant doesn’t give me a discount. The gas station that I go to multiple times per week never gave me a discount. I can go on and on. Why are we expected to provide a discount?


Because the “other” guy does. Look at this thread :slight_smile: Once you start doing something everyone starts expecting it the next time. It’s like feeding a dog or gifting a wife :slight_smile:

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I basically charge the same for the inspection but throw in the insurance reports, it make sense too since if they didn’t purchase the 1st home you inspected then your liability is reduced. Successful home inspection like any other business is all about managing liability.


zactly. I used to give a discount, cause I thought I “had to.”
Same amount of time, same amount of liability, etc. etc. etc.

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Yea, me too. I always asked them “Didn’t I save you enough money the first time?”

After the second failed purchase attempt, I usually did a steep discount, because I know what they’re going through and never want anyone to get the impression that I’m ripping houses to churn fees. 3+ fails was pretty uncommon for me anyway.

I would say a base amount off what you normally charge. It could still be more than what they paid last time because the second house can be more sqft or older depending if you charge more on the that kind of thing.

I charge the same.

It takes me the same amount of time, the same amount of effort, the same cost of insurance/gas/expenses.

Why charge less? My costs don’t go down.

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