Repeat Inspection

Weird situation, need advice…
I’ve been hired to inspect a house I just inspected three days ago for someone else. My first client (first time homebuyers) decided to pull out due to several potentially costly issues. Now my new client wants an inspection of the same house. The realtors for both the first and second clients have spoken and they know I inspected the home, and so the new client now also knows it was me but still asked that I inspect again. I’ve been in similar situations before, but the inspections were weeks or months apart, not just three days. In those scenarios, work and repairs were done by the sellers so when I inspected the homes for a second time (for different buyers) the reports were different. Ethically, I don’t know if I should charge my new client full price for a full inspection since 1) I know no repairs have been done, 2) the report will be identical, and 3) they know I was just there. I’m happy to walk them through the home, just not for free. Besides, I could have possibly scheduled another inspection for this time.
Any and all opinions are appreciated!

How? Have you or the other realtors involved been at the house 100% of the time between the inspection and now?

Not necessarily, what if you find something that was missed or repaired?

So either you can do the inspection and treat it as a new inspection with open eyes or you can turn it down. I believe you would be doing your client a disservice to just walk through. Don’t feel guilty getting compensated for your time.


I’ve done inspections on a same property 2 or 3 days apart. No problem, new day/new report. $$$


Your client is going to need a report to negotiate, I would assume. If I were you I would just perform a new inspection with new report. No discount.


That’s what I’ve done in the past, inspect again with open eyes/mind at full price and a new report. But, that was two inspections months apart.
The realtor for the new buyer called (after learning I was the inspector) to tell me what had happened. She said the sellers are selling “as-is” and have no budget for repairs, that’s why the original buyers pulled out; first-timers with limited budget who were not prepared for all the things in need of repair. The house had several major issues. So, I can’t say I know 100%, but according to the inside info repairs are not getting done.
It’s possible I find nothing new, and the new report is basically a copy of the first. I’m trying to avoid them being compared and being questioned “why charge X for both when you knew what to look for the second time around” I’d like to avoid that question entirely!

I think you may be overthinking this. Have they asked for a discount?

Also like someone said above they need a report to back out if they decide they don’t want to accept it as is.


All of you are right. Now that I’ve taken to the forum and have gotten feedback, I believe I am overthinking it. Thanks everyone! It will be a new day, new inspection.


If you are doing an honest job as a professional inspector, I’d bet you will find what you previously missed!!

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Did you consider the fact that you are experienced with THAT home to be a benefit over someone that hasn’t already seen the home?

Also… how many other potential buyers have been through the home and potentially caused damage? Never underestimate the power of random people wandering through homes they don’t own!

Make it a personal mission to find a missed defect! Have some fun with it to keep your mind alert!