Anyone familr with these?

I do know its a waste water removal system, I know its not leaking but what i’m not sure of is its location in the hall closet/washing machine on opposite wall. Thoughts?

You didn’t post any photos

It goes into the attic and connects into 4" PVC

I’ve installed a few of these and it’s usually pretty close to the device it’s pumping. Normally put it on a GFI receptacle. What 4" is it tied into? The vent?

Wiring in the home was an old 2 wire system with no equipment ground. They likely replaced this and a couple others with 3 prong receptacles still with no ground.

Hey Jerry,

Around my area, we call those lift pumps, ejector pumps, or grinder pumps.
I often see them in closets (almost exclusively).
Seems okay to me from what I can see.

Here’s the disclaimer I use when I come across one:

“Ejector pump was noted. As this device is sealed, they are beyond the scope of this inspection. Client may wish to obtain further review from the seller or from a licensed/qualified professional prior to close to ensure proper operation of this system.”

Good luck man.


Things like this I usually have to take a step back, as a licensed electrician that has worked for a plumbing company for the last 5 years. Although there may be code issues, it will work in theory. In older homes sometimes you can only do what you can do. As a home inspector, Patrick nailed it.

You can’t you test them by running water into them lol? You can say they worked, but you just couldn’t see the pump or inside due to being inaccessible. Pretty simple. There is absolutely no need to tell your client to call in a “professional” (or the seller) to ensure “proper operation of this system” - that’s what you’re being paid to do.

That would be dumb.

Although I understand why you might think that… You feel free to file a grievance with the “authority having jurisdiction” ie our local electrical company, which has final say in these sorts of things.

I do attempt to test them, in this case he said it’s connected to the laundry so I probably wouldn’t be able to.

At least, they vented it properly; that one vented inside the house…

Hmmm, to be safe I think you should open her up!

Around here yellow jackets live in the ground…have a nest like a wasp…hornet nests resemble a thin fine grey paper…I would like to know for sure…in case I ever see a nest like that…