Effluent Ejector Pumps and Pits

Has anyone seen an effluent or brown ejector pump with an inch and a half discharge? I have only seen these with two inch discharge pipes.

The reason I ask is that we have that we have recently performed an inspection with a basement bath and overhead sewers. The toilet is draining into an vented ejector pit. The vent pipe is 2 inch, and the pipe above the check valve is 2 inch but the pipe from the pit and the pump is only 1 1/2 inch.

The municipality says they have provided the certificate of occupancy but I still believe the pump is potentially wrong.

Thank you.


Disregard link, I thought it was for sewage only.
I usually only see 2 inch as well. Without having the manufacturer name and specs, the only other way to verify would be to obviously remove the lid. I would word a narrative basically saying what you said and have verified that discharge outlet has not been reduced and/or is properly sized. Maybe it’s a new high efficiency poop pump that requires smaller piping :smiley:

Thank you, our reports absolutely call out what was suggested. I did see that link and I would have a “hard” time thinking my* stuff* would exit through a 3/8 inch port. I know the municipal inspector never looked at this system and the relocation inspector missed this condition. I am just falling on the sword on this one.

Hey Rob, I’d bet you’re right, someone got in a jam probably, But, Maybe the discharge pumps impeller acts as a grinder of sorts (wow). allowing for the smaller pipe? maybe the closet only flushes 1.6 gpm’s so the displacement of the atmospheric pressure inside the pit is fairly gradual compared to a power flush toilet that flushes faster? (idk) 1 1/2 vent probably ok, just a thought of what the reasoning is. Trash pumps have to deal with the paperwork also. An 1/12 pipe is rated for 3-" drain fixture units"which I think is about 4.5 gpm’s and a wc is 5 F.U’s… or 7gpm. I could be mistaken, its been a few years. I have installed them, only in 2" good luck finding an answer.

How do you call that out? do you even say anything?