Anyone have a good link to free access to the ICC standards?

…especially IRC but I believe they’re all available online for free.
Some of the sites make you jump through a lot of hoops before you finally get access, or the access is limited to one line at a time.
I’m looking for easy comprehensive access.

Have to look for copies posted for public use by some municipalities that adopt them. Quality will vary.

I was also looking but got bounced around on the sites, asking for my email etc. Finally just went ahead and purchased the 2018 IRC code book on Amazon. I think under $40.00

Go directly to ICC…

You can go directly to ICC but you will pay 144.00 for the paperback version. Same 2018 book on Amazon is 48.00

Kenton was asking about FREE online versions. That is what I supplied. No more, no less.

You gave a link to ICC. They do not give free online versions of the IRC code

“Especially” is not “exclusively”.

Like Jeffrey says go to the ICC site, you can’t copy or cut & paste but you can take screen snips easily enough:

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies!

Mr. BADAIR came up with this link. It’s free and you can copy and paste.
Also, check out the reference section on my new website. The site isn’t much to look at yet, but the reference section is pretty good and will improve.

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I can copy and paste from any protected site. I have a Chrome extension that allows me to do it. Even IRC can copy and paste.

Snipping tool… cool learn something everyday!! :blush: