Anyone have a ukulele?

I am looking for a good to great ukulele. At a good to great to free price. Let me know if you have one in decent shape you wish to get rid of.

I would trade a decent looking electrical meter of some sort I aquired. Electrical stuff is not my forte and this is one designed for REAL electricians. I can post info on it if you are interested. I am almost certain the tool would be worth more than the uke.

Contact me anytime if interested. I’ll be away from the phone from this Sat morn till the following Monday but if interested let me know right away as I may purchase one on vacation if no one is interested.:slight_smile: I would also be interested in the yamaha guitalele list price $100

Do you know who Tiny Tim is?

I do,see him here

Isn’t that Mike Larson …
Tip toe through the tulips .
I can talk about him now cause I’m on his ignore list.

I think I just saw him Tiptoe Through the Tulips at my last inspection,…lolol I think we are getting old Nick…hahaha


Yep. You are in your 50’s or older if you can remember Tiny Tim. Look out Tiny Tim… here comes Meek Mike.

Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro

I recently saw Tiny Tim on something from the past. old school freak right there :slight_smile:

Roy that is Bad A s s I discovered it about a week ago. My Daughter sometimes takes guitar lessons and I was learning a little but want something I can play kicking back on the couch or at the beach.

Chech out this thing yamaha makes

But I think I want less strings like a uke :slight_smile:

Ukulele orchestra

These guys are GOOD!! We just saw them on their last US tour. Go see them if you get the chance!

this is awesomely great…and thanks a lot Nick, can’t get that darned tip toe song outa my head now.

Very nice.

I came across this version too.

Ha ha
I remember him getting married on Johnny Carson.
He was like Alice Cooper on crack.

Ukulele blues

St. James Infirmary

Awesome as well, Michael! I don’t know why, but I find these hilarious. These are talented musicians, but something about that song is just funny.

Being a “somewhat accomplished” guitar player (I used to give lessons), I can truly appreciate their talent.

Good stuff!!

Henry Mancini rocked.
I had the 45 .