Anyone in CNY like a tag along??

Hi people,
Is there anyone in New York that wouldn’t mind a tag along? I’m new to the board and looking to get my feet wet. I’d actually like to go with a few people, if possiable. Did I mention I’d buy lunch???

you may get a better response putting this in the members only section. in addition, giving some bio on your self so members can get a feel for your background, intentions, seriousness, etc. The more you write the more we understand. From down in big hat country, as someone from N. Jersey told me one time, thats my 2 cents worth.:-;;

Hi Matt

Welcome to the boards. I used to live in Syracuse back in the70’s. I heard Nestle closed down, is the brewery still operating? If you should ever make it over to KC area, you’re welcome to tag along. And it will be BBQ unless you want an awesome steak. Richard is correct though, better placed in members only or you might want to try making some direct calls thru You’re going to find most likely that the guys in your general area might not be to receptive to training a competitor, so you might have to travel a little out of your own territory.

Good luck and dont let the snow pile up on you


Thanks for the replies guys, good info. I’ll post this in the members section and do a search for local inspectors.
Nestles closed down and the brewery did too. Nestles was opened back up by big investors from the “Ivory Coast”, but recently closed again. Something about a big scam and people in Africa trying to launder money in the US??? The brewery was bought by Northeast Biofuels and should be opening soon.