Anyone in Pa looking willing to let a rookie tag along??

I have construction exp and I just recently finished the AHIT school. I am in the process of starting a home inspection business. I was wondering if anyone in pa, chester/montgomery county would let me tag along on home inspections to gain experience. Or maybe another new inspector like me would like help,free of charge of course. I would greatly appreciate it. I am free pretty much anytime so short notice is no problem. thanks for any and all help

Hi Pat,

I’m a newbie as well (started 11/06) most of my jobs are in Monroe county, you can ride with me any time if it’s not too far for you to drive. Of course I’d be willing to go on an inspection with you as well.

Thankyou for the invite chris. dingsmans ferry is like 3+ hours away from me. I would like to find something a little closer. But thankyou for inviting me anyway.

I’m in your neck of the woods, and I will incorporate you into our informal group, whcih will include some ride alongs, and report reviews, etc. Stuff to get new guys going, keep the old guys sharp, and exchange marketing ideas, leads, etc…

Thanks again joe for you help. And definately count me in. Any help/advice would be greatly appriciated. Like i said I have plenty of free time right now. And would love to get some more experience before i get everything ready to start looking for work. I am willing to learn and help with any home inspection.