Pa. newbie

Hey guys i have been following this websight for almost a year now, traded a few emails with nick, and done tons of research… im about ready to start… ill be paying my membership fees in a few days and paying for my insurance and i have aquired most of my tools… im looking for some one in the Lackawanna and luzerne county area to possably let me tag a long for a few inspections. show me what i cant find in a book or on a computer! Obviously no one wants to help bring the compatition so im in the 18640 zip code and dont plan to ever be more than a 1 man show. so i wont be going to far out of my area, so if you want to keep your distance i have no problem traveling… im buying breakfest lunch and all beverages for the day! and ill do all the free labor you like… There is nothing more valuable than an education! you can drop an email to or call me at 570-351-8218 thanks for your time and consideration in this great favor, it is appreciated.


Welcome Jayson, and best of luck to you.

thank you brian… i appreciate that.

come on there has to be PA. inspector that would not mind helping me out!!! hello, anyone out there… :mrgreen:

Jayson, while you’re waiting you might want to do a lot of family and friends so you can, how would you say, umm, get into a groove and start developing a pattern for yourself.

Do you have a report or software you’re going to use ? Familiar with many of the comments.

Have you spent time going over the NACHI site and using all of there educational equip. ?

Have you practiced you’re phone techniques, sitting in front of a mirror and looking at your body language, words that you use. Web site, bus. cards.

Pretty much an all around brown nose ! Good !

So when the time comes you ca feel more comfortable with yourself !



as far as friends and family i did a few… BUT, i would like to go on one with some one and actually look at industry standard or better written report cause truth be told i have never actually seen a real one so the practice i do is right and not practincing the wrong methods… so if some one has a fake full report the would be willing to share that would be a huge help… software is XL PRO and i have a stack of practice NCR forms. as far as equipement i have a good digital camera, bushnell binoculars w/built in camera, extendable sight mirror, and everything a contractor owns i have, do to the fact i am a contractor… moisture dectector and carbon monoxide intant reader with display is also been ordered. As far as phone calls go i was a Loan officer for a mortgage broker for a few years and i used to go to the department of public records and do recent deed transfers and cold call for hours upon hours and all my doc signings were done in home so i would travel to people and i was a damn good sales man and closer so i am not to concerend with that part, in fact thats my strong point i feel. buisness cards are taken care of and 4x6 glossy postcards as well that i will send to people on the Pa. chamber of commerce relocation prospect list. (people registered to move to my area do to job relocation) I have taken the penn foster program (thompson direct) and have all my books catologed and read back threw them constantly and watch this sight regularly… so what am i missing what else should i do… should i get a radon detector or hold off for a bit and who will allow me to buy them breadkfeast and coffes and tag along? hell ill pay at this point… thanks for all your help and for your response mickey… its geratly appreciated… this is just somthing i want to do right and not waste time and money and all on my face… i have a huge fear of success its been holding me back for a long time.



Where in PA are you located?

Welcome! Many inspector’s websites have “sample” reports that can be viewed.

I am in pittston… which is in between scranton and wilkes barre!

as i read through my 2nd to last post, i realize you guys must think that i am a moron! I typed that in a hurry and mispelled word after word! Sorry about that, I am literate! I swear! Appreciating all the help and replies! THank you guys


I too am Literate and from PA and a ‘newbee’, long time in the business of swinging a hammer just started this venture.

Hope we don’t ask too many dumb questions at the same time, folks might wonder about us Pennsyltuckians…

I am located between Harrisburg and State College, a long way from Wilkesbarre but a short distance through the web. I will be watching your posts and responses looks like we will have alot of the same questions.


Good luck on getting the ride along Jayson. It’s a great idea…I asked the same of some local HI’s but didn’t get any response. I had 1 fellow NACHI member willing…we’re just waiting to get it done. But like you, I’d like more experience REALLY doing the inspections. Sounds like you’re doing all the right stuff…good luck!!

I often offer to assist new members with ride-alongs. The biggest problem I run into is that many still hold other jobs and are not always available. I am in Souderton and generlly cover the SE PA region - those within driving distance are welcome to come down if it works out for you…contact me and we will try to work something out.

I will caution that scheduling happens rapidly and you may not have much (or any) real lead time.

Joe, do you ever do any inspections in Chester County?

Hey there Jayson, welcome to the new boy on the corner club. I was lucky enough to find that my freind was in business doing this. I have about 85 inspections as of now. Nothing like real life situations, always learning, not only what we are seeing but public relation, how to communicate your findings, to marketing. Lots to learn. I was from Hazleton and moved to York, PA 19 years ago. Wish I could be of some help personally, but right now I say keep reading the message board on all things. This is the best place for knowledge, there is alot of good people on the board.

Welcome Jayson and best of luck.

Hey Jayson and welcome, I’m A newbie also I have been at this for 1 year now and have not really been on my own yet. I have been trying to get some ride along myself ( GOOD LUCK ) I have done a ton of mock inspection but like you said there is nothing like the real thing. I live in New Castle Delaware. But hang in there don’t give up it is really hard to break in to this filed. If I can help in anyway just let me know

Hey Jayson and welcome I’m A newbie also so I know what you are dealing with ( Ride along ) I have been at this for about a year now still try to get some ride along I got maybe four so far. I have done a lot of free inspection.
But knowledge is key the more you get the better you will be there are good people on the board you can learn a lot from . So good luck with you ride along and if get any let me know how you did it LOL :slight_smile:

Hi Jayson, I’m a “newbie” as well.
I do not feel I am qualified to give anyone advise on HI’s but I’m always willing to discuss the business/chew the fat with any inspector. Feel free to drop me an email or call any time.

I am currently arranging ride alongs with 3 new guys in the general vicinity (all about 2 hours away.) I will try to break them up so that a) we aren’t attacking clients en masse, b) we can all get the most out of it, and c) I don’t go insane trying to coordinate everyone. Others are welcome, of course - just contact me and we will try to set something up.

It has, however, also given me the idea that there may be some newer inspectors (and maybe even some veterans) who would want to set up an informal group to trade leads, marketing ideas, report reviews, software, and some other ideas I have.

If interested, please email me and let me know. I am thinking we can do much of it online, or even perhaps meet quarterly or so (very informal and loose) over a pint (or margarita) or five…