Anyone know the saying for: Non professional work done by handyman Electricians

I had a licensed Electrical Contractor install the wiring for my
Jacuzzi…( he was an older man ).

He had the perfect saying for non certified people who think they
can do electrical work…

I can’t remember it !!! It was something like weekend idiots.

If anybody knows it please reply…


Some describe them as weekend warriors…

I have used ( This is less than a professional installation ) it can be used for all bad work… Roy

Moon Light Electric.

Certification # ID-10T. :slight_smile:

Now as a Home Inspector…In see all the non professional work.

The work was performed / installed in a non-professional manner by someone with little or no electrical knowledge.

There is an electrical contractor in the town where i went to college whose slogan was TJ’s Electrical Service …I’ll remove your SHORTS"… Made me wonder what kinda phone calls he got late at night.


Home improvement enthusiasts.


Installed by Homeowner Hank!!

How about “shock technicians”

I like that…

I say “improvised and unconventional (construction, plumbing, electrical) methods have been used.” :shock: