I just luv weekend warriors

They always provide somethings for my reports very patriotic mounted this light fixture on the roof to shine on the flag pole so he had to find a power source:shock::shock: then the next weekend he decided to install a cord to plug a generator into the dryer outlet to back feed a split bus panel that has no main breaker that should be a real shocker???

3502 Cogdal Enid 3-1-11 109.jpg

3502 Cogdal Enid 3-1-11 105.jpg

3502 Cogdal Enid 3-1-11 111.jpg

3502 Cogdal Enid 3-1-11 121.jpg

OMG sweet :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Did you hand him his “Idiot of the Year” award?

I thought only the cable guy was allowed to use the gutter as a raceway…

Nice strain relief around the gutter nail. Added protection for that quality splice.:shock: