Anyone see this before?

Situation: 2000 mobile home, roof is partially to mostly shaded form the sun. Gutter was put on in the last 3 years, and has a bunch of granules in it. Shingles themselves look WAY older than they should, and walking on them they feel and sound as if they were frozen and crunchy. They almost all have a “cracked” look to them. Anyone know of recalled of defective shingles?

let’s revisit

That’s craze cracking, which is cracking in the uppermost layer of asphalt. Usually takes 10 years or more in decent shingles. Your description sounds like poor quality shingles and bad attic or roof ventialtion.

The first word is your solution “Mobile” in my experience the majority of Mobile Manufacturer go for the Cheapest and Lightest material, and ashpalt is heavy! so the lower quality shingle are light.
In addition because most manufacturers buy in Bulk these shingle may have been 3 years old before they were installed, and even though they may have bough the mobile in 2000 it may have been manufactured before that. So you may have 10-15 year old shingle on a 9 year old mobile.

Thanks Kenton and Ray, Revisiting with the client, and will make sure he understood the wording in the report, as follows:

Materials: asphalt shingles
Observations: weathered, This roof shows no signs of leaking at present,
The shingles appear if they are far older than 9 (or so) years. The random
cracking pattern is suspect of defective shingles, the potential lifespan of the
shingles has no doubt been shortened. The gutter has deteriorated bits of
shingle in it.

Looks like defective shingles to me, combined with the possibility of poor attic ventilation.

those most likely sat in the supply yard exposed to weather for some time.
I got a bunch for free from a supplier who just wanted them out of the yard and put them on a pavillion I built in my back yard. They were heavy lifetime shingles but were kinda brittle when I installed them on the coldest day of winter here in Florida and already have a leak.
Kick it to a licensed roofer!

Have you considered they tried to clean the roof prior to sale and pressure washed it with chemicals. I have seen that alot here in Florida trying to make it look better. I had 1 home that was pressure washed in the front towards the street and the back wasnt touched. It looked like 2 complete different roofs.

Thanks for the response, but this is not the case. Bank owned - middle of nowhere house…