Cracked shingle finish.

Ran across this today. I have seen it before, not quite as badly as this. Entire roof appears the same, 9 years old, fairly good ventilation, no leakage noted in attics. I believe its a fault of the shingle/manufacture, but no easy way of determining who produced them. Would you write it up as " granular finish of shingles show signs of age and cracking, normal life expactancy should not be anticipated." ? Thanks!

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I call that more like etching instead of cracking. Typical of crossover shingles. Atlas Chalet or Certainteed Horizon are two of these types of shingles. Sometimes these shingles have something printed on the plastic strip on the backside that may help determine whose brand they are.

Defective shingles or low quality and/or low life shingles. The cracking will get worse with age and weathering. Anticipate replacement within X years.


Most likely a Certain Teed Horizon Shangle roof.

Thanks guys, interesting web article!