Anyone seen one of these before?

Older electric hot water heater… Combustion Engineering Heatmaster Delux!

IT was so wrapped with insulation, could only get a few shots… comes from an 50’s home… first one I’ve seen… :mrgreen:



On my netbook ,and cant make out the plate.
How old was it?
I imagine original.
T%he thing was still working?
Bet it is down from 40 gal to around 20 from all the scale inside.

not sure… could not find any info on it…

m/n SL-476
S/N SL522-1-15-L


Ya i bet original…

IT is still working… surprisingly, but I’ve prepared the buyer to plan for replacement, if for nothing else better efficiency…

The nameplate indicates its an “Automatic Water Heater”. Much better than the old, manual ones. :slight_smile:

Yeah, probably original, past it’s expected life (although they don’t make em like they used to).

Nice find.

The original “manual” water heater.

Gezzz just like home inspectors beyond life need to be replaced
You guys, do you look in the mirror
Just what your wifes are thinking beyond useful life replace lolol

I’ll bet that house is on a well, no chlorine. The CE company should be proud, except their product was so good they’ve gone out of business. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

Beyond useful life for wives usually means no more $$$ coming in. ;-):p:shock:

nope… city water in Winslow Maine…

Same owner the whole time Jeff? Obviusly took great care and pride in the home. Nice find.

The current owners have been there since 2002… I wish i could find a year for it… just out of curiosity…