50 plus year old water heater

The house was built in 1954, I’m sure this is original. I’ve never seen one before, and am not sure how it works, being the burner is totally separate from the tank. Looks like a 1 1/4 pipe connects them. Maybe it’s the original “instant water heater”?

Not sure I should call out the cast fitting that supplies the hot water and the TPRV connection.

Seller was present, a 93 old lady. She was weed eating this morning when I got there, and was getting ready to mow the steep front yard with her new electric lawnmower. She said she just didn’t have strength to pull start the gas one anymore! :shock:




I have a State 40 gallon water heater that has been operating continuously for 40 years since 1975. I’m afraid to touch anything for fear it might stop working. Well beyond its lifespan by today’s standards. Your example takes the cake as it appears to be more of a boiler system with a separate holding tank. If it works it works. Relief valve line appears to share another line originating from above the holding tank.

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They don’t build em like they used too.

The WH or the homeowner?

Roy is undoubtedly talking about the homeowner.

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That belongs in a museum. Did you get a photo of the data plate? If I were the manufacturer, I’d offer to buy/replace it.

The TPR is OK, the probe is in the tank.

I did, Chuck. I tried to search for info on the net, but couldn’t find much. I’d just like to know how the darn things works.






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I saw something similar, it worked similar to a tankless water heater, water flows through a coil surrounding a gas flame. The one I saw had been used for a hot water heating system.

That was my thought, but what’s the big tank for, unless the heated coil goes to the the bottom and keeps the tank water warm.

The cold inlet has a “Y”, one going to the heater and one going to the tank.

It’s interesting to say the least.

Thanks for sharing. The company is still around making gas appliance connector among other things. http://www.dormont.com/company/dormont_story. I never knew they made water heaters.