Anyone seen one of these?

Came across this A/C unit yesterday. There wasn’t any labels on the unit. Haven’t run across this type of compressor before. There are two fans and two refrigerant supply lines. Any insight would be appreciated.

Size of building?


I guess you want to know the age?!

It’s not a compressor, it’s a condenser.

All AC equipment has two refrigerant lines. Do you mean two circuits?

What else do you need to know?

The home is a 1800 sq ft ranch. The condenser has two sets of refrigerant supply lines. I was wasn’t sure of the approx age or manufacturer. Im reporting that the unit is missing any labels or markings indicating its age or manufacturer and that a HVAC technician should evaluate.

Why do we need an HVAC tech to evaluate the damn age of this dinosaur?

I sincerely hope what you’re trying to say is that you recommend annual maintenance…

So please tell us, did the equipment operate as intended at the time of your inspection?
I bet it’s wintertime where you live and you had to disclaim that one also.

This is a multistage or multi zone HVAC system. Only you can tell us which it was used for.

Multistage reduces refrigeration capacity to control humidity in low ambient conditions.

Multi zone covers more than one location in the house (such as upstairs and downstairs basement areas that have different loads and requirements).

It actually looks like it’s in pretty good condition from here.

David are you in a bad mood today?

It might seem like it but I agree with him 100% why does it need evaluating and he just gave a lot of info on this.

Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother asking anything on this forum. I come across something that I haven’t seen before and I think that this might be a good place to ask. While your input is appreciated, the attitude is not. Thanks for the lesson.

Mr. Wharton

This is a great forum.
However, we at times are a little over reactive.
Mr. Andersen like many of us have bad days.
Don’t let this reflect too deeply in the way you look at this forum.
I’d be willing to be that David knows the answer and he is just waiting to help you out.
I would tried to answer , but I am no AC guru.
I’m sure your question will be answer shortly by someone who has experience with these unit.

Roy Lewis

I think Dave gave a lot of good basic info. I really didn’t see any attitude. Hmmm

It has nothing to do with what we want.
The OP asked a legitimate question and should receive a legitimate answer.
I don’t know the answer.
Thats all! Huh?
Isn’t this forum an aid in learning to be the best inspectors we can?
If not! Then I’m outta here.

This is the post I was referring to.
IMHO. It appears condescending .
However. I guilty of that at times.

STFU Roy. You’re not helping. :roll:

haha! Thank you Michael I needed that I will.

He showed a photo of one side and nothing else. It could be any manufacture, date, etc.etc. and OP asked for any insight. That’s all, what do you expect.

I have never seen a unit like this one but the best I can tell you with what was provided is that it is an ac condensing unit. Stick with reporting the label is missing and suggest having a licensed ac contractor service the unit if not functioning properly. If there is a data plate on the compressor the date can sometimes be determined with that but I doubt you want to bother with taking the unit apart.

Great response Melisa. You answered THE question.

I think I understand the flavor of Davids response. I think he is frustrated by some people using the wrong terminology; this can suggest a lack of basic knowledge. This bugs me as well.

David is of course correct, it is not a condenser.
If we assume it is a cooling system, then yes it is a condensing unit.
However, since we have little information it may be a heat pump, in that case it should be referred to as the "outdoor section of the HVAC system.

Just Sayin


Sorry, can’t help myself… :wink:

Actually I am frustrated not by word misuse, but that people are inspecting what they seem to know nothing about, putting stuff incorrectly in a report, using the improper description, not enough information to support calling out what will cost someone (buyer/seller) money, all while making ‘Home inspectors’ appear to be a bunch or worthless idiots that can’t perform a Google Search…

My question was never answered; Did it run?
That my friends is the only thing you are required to do as a Home Inspector, and I am confident it was not done.

‘Take things for a test drive’.

Yes, it was winter and this is an AC.
You don’t call things out that you can’t operate. You just document why it is not part of the inspection.

Aw come on David your a grumpy old Fart just like me:p;-)