Think you know HVAC

Wait till you see one of these new units I saw at the home show today it will blow your mind as to what you might think you know. Even I did a double take. It is so new they would not allow me to take any pictures yet.

This unit is to be included with a green package that this builder is putting together to try and get a Star rating above green. Referred to it as Green +.

This A/C unit that I was looking at has four liquid lines and four suction lines and two water lines entering the unit. It actually is a geo heat pump but with all of these lines extruding the cabinet. Each line has a liquid line solenoid valve installed and is controlled from head pressure of the unit. Kind of complicated to the novice.

I did not have time to get all of the pictulars but will be getting back with the builder as he wants me to do IR on his new constructed homes for advertising purposes.

I will be posting Pictures of this unit when they allow me to take them. I don’t think many Hi’s will be running into this unit as there is only one installed in the U.S. at this time

Thank goodness for this:


I. The inspector shall inspect: A. The heating systems using normal operating controls and describe the energy source and heating method.
B. And report as in need of repair heating systems which do not operate.
C. And report if the heating systems are deemed inaccessible

That might be a problem for some on this one

Sounds like a comfort cooling version of a supermarket rack system.

They running a 4-circuit evaporator coil, or 4 evaporators in different zones?

They had no evap at the show just the condensing unit and a water tank with a coil inside. The show was shutting down when I found this unit was not able to get as much info as I wanted but I will be back with them has my curiosity up.
I like new gadgets and new equipment.

I’m going to be doing a job with a Mitsubishi “City Multi” that has one condensing unit with 20 connected evaporators. It gets a whole manifold of solenoid valves (reversing valves actually, believe it or not). Some evaporators can be heating in heat pump mode while others are cooling, all from the same set of refrigerant lines.

Trane has a unit that hasn’t hit the market yet that will be “heat pump for dummies”. You charge it with liquid only, and it has an LED light that goes off when the charge is correct. Oy vey.


Please take and post some pics!

What was the brand?

I saw an unusual model from Taiwan the other day in a three story townhome. It worked. But the thermostat was so UNintuitive, it was all I could do to turn them on. Had the one outdoor unit and 3 seperate indoor units controled by three thermostats. Appeared to be more conventional than what you describe. As far as I could tell the insulated cooling lines were plastic.

outdoor unit.jpg

indoor unit.jpg

Energy source would be electric and/or gas, and heating/cooling may be refrigerant and/or geothermal.

Should be interesting. I’ll add it to the AC course CD when more info becomes available.

I fully intend to. The factory order went in last month, and it’ll be another 12 weeks or so until it hits the port of Los Angeles.

Thanking you in advance

They’re distribution is in Carrollton
National Sales & Southern zone office

1645 Wallace Dr, Suite 110, Carrollton, TX 75006, U.S.A.
Phone: +1-972-245-1510 Fax: +1-972-245-1038