Anyone seen this siding before

This house was built in 1981 and has a type of fiberboard siding with a stucco smear coat. The siding is said to be original and I was surprised it wasn’t water damaged more than it was. Most of the fiberboard I’ve seen just falls apart in the damaged areas. I’m wondering if this is a specific type of board made for taking the stucco coat. The damaged areas had about 14% moisture and was still holding together.


IMG_7429 (400x300).jpg

IMG_7445 (400x300).jpg

I would just generally refer to it as manufactured wood siding or ‘pressboard’. I have a common disclaimer I use for it that addresses its susceptibility to moisture and the importance of maintenance and caulk at the butt end joints. I would also let it be known that you left your X-ray glasses at home and that structural damage and/or mold could easily be present behind it.

This looks like a Masonite panel with a stucco finish, called “Stuccato Panel”

That is fiber press board and is made of pressed wood paper and glue with a hard surface The erra that this “Studor Style” comes from makes it most likely “Stuccato” hard stucco over the press board. If you look close on the end of picture # 3 you see the lam sheets.
So I am in agreement with Gary.

Thanks for the info. It’s held up pretty well considering the lack of maintenance but seems like it would retain moisture anywhere the finish is damaged

YEP and don’t forget about the moisture against the tudor style accent boards. This is where hidden damage is found on many of them if it is not properly seal on the horizontal or flashed correctly.

Exactly what it was. Junk.
Fell apart just like it’s Masonite brother siding. Colorlok. :slight_smile:

Masonite. It always rots from the bottom.

I’m also not very fond of Masonite products myself but to give longevity to Masonite it must be properly flashed, painted and sealed; once moisture penetrates it takes no time at all before it starts to deteriorate.

That is true Gary, I have seen some installed in the early 70’s that have lasted till now.
Some did not last 10 years. :slight_smile:

Can you say moisture wick!

I would not say the word *“Masonite” *in my reports unless I was certain of the manufacturer. Masonite has been involved in lawsuits about defective products and you could open a can of worms.

Good point. I use the word composite or press board

Stuff was popular during the mid 70’s to early 80’s… I installed it on several English Tudors just like this one…one can understand why it did not last long.

Although I do think there was a small era of building in which builders actually tried to replicate European styles for which I greatly miss today.

Same here Jeff, installed it in the same fashion, not knowing any better back then to know it would not last very long. :slight_smile:

It lasted fine if You caulked it and painted it every 15 minutes or so…You guys are too fussy…