Type of siding

This is my first post and want to say hello. I have been surfing the forums and taking all the Internachi classes for the past few months. I’m on here every day learning and working to become an inspector. I hope the other members can help me out with questions I have along the way.

I am doing a “mock” inspection right now on a neighbors house.

Does anyone know what type of siding this is, or what it’s called? It appears to be a type of wood mixture with wood and fibers. The paint is peeling all over and it is in tough shape. Just wondering what to call this siding. Thanks

  • first post besides the one for the classes, that is.

It’s some kind of a composite hardboard siding. I would think there would be more damage if it was wood fiber hardboard with that failing paint job. Needs a full prep and a quality paint / sealant.

That right there is X90 siding. We see a ton of it. If it is taken care of it will last forever.
It is engineered wood or some call it Masonite.

Called fibered hardboard Masonite up this way…
It will rot quickly if not kept sealed/painted.

Greg is correct, I installed a ton of it in the early 80’s.
Different Manufacturers made it along with Masonite.


Thanks Marcel, I could not find a link to it. Only thing I found was how to paint it. LOL

Thanks for the help guys. Glad there is a resource like this to help out. Lots of knowledgeable inspectors here who have seen a lot more than I have.