Anyone tried EZ Home Inspection Software?

(Danny Shaw, Lic.# 450.011724) #1

I’ve looked at emails from EZ Home Inspection, and before signing up for a free trail I was wondering if any of you guys tried it (pros and cons)? I’m currently using “InspectIt” (There is always an issue with this software) which I got discounted after completing AHIT course.

I only do inspections as a part time, weekend job. (Maybe 10-20 per year as a side job through Realtor referrals). “I don’t use cloud service and can’t see paying monthly or yearly renewal fees.”

(Marc A. Goldenberg, Inspector Lic # HI1365 Mold Assessor Lic #1) #2

Hi Danny & welcome! :slight_smile:
you might want to check this out where I think you can pay only per inspection you do.
Call him, he’s a well respected member here.

Inspector Nexus - Mobile Report Writing Software for the Modern Age

(Danny Shaw, Lic.# 450.011724) #3

Sounds good. Thanks I tried Inspector Nexus, and ReportHost, both pay per report. My opinion ReportHost was a little better.

(Peter Giannino, 24GI00162600) #4

I use EZ. As a new inspector with limited funds I find this is pretty good. I get compliments from clients as they find it easy to read.

(Joshua LeBeau) #5

I started off with EZ but found it to be very very time consuming. The version I had did not allow you to take pictures directly into the program. So hours where spent dragging and dropping photos. Sometimes it would take 4-6 hours to get 150 pictures loaded. Spectora, you take the photo for the defect. about 1 hour after the inspection to proof it and done…

They have a 5 trial inspection offer. After those 5 i joined.