Anyone tried EZ Home Inspection Software?

I’ve looked at emails from EZ Home Inspection, and before signing up for a free trail I was wondering if any of you guys tried it (pros and cons)? I’m currently using “InspectIt” (There is always an issue with this software) which I got discounted after completing AHIT course.

I only do inspections as a part time, weekend job. (Maybe 10-20 per year as a side job through Realtor referrals). “I don’t use cloud service and can’t see paying monthly or yearly renewal fees.”

Hi Danny & welcome! :slight_smile:
you might want to check this out where I think you can pay only per inspection you do.
Call him, he’s a well respected member here.

Inspector Nexus - Mobile Report Writing Software for the Modern Age

Sounds good. Thanks I tried Inspector Nexus, and ReportHost, both pay per report. My opinion ReportHost was a little better.

I use EZ. As a new inspector with limited funds I find this is pretty good. I get compliments from clients as they find it easy to read.

I started off with EZ but found it to be very very time consuming. The version I had did not allow you to take pictures directly into the program. So hours where spent dragging and dropping photos. Sometimes it would take 4-6 hours to get 150 pictures loaded. Spectora, you take the photo for the defect. about 1 hour after the inspection to proof it and done…

They have a 5 trial inspection offer. After those 5 i joined.


Sorry to see you go Josh! We actually added a new cloud system this year and you can now use a phone/tablet on site to do reports very quickly. Pictures go directly into the items you’re working on and users are saving a lot of time using our new product. Plus you can send the report directly from your mobile device on site. Here’s some more info if anyone wants to check it out:

EZ Home Inspection Software

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is it possible to do the following edits to photos on the software (if using Google Pixel 3a XL phone): add brightness, add contrast, rotate image, flip (mirror image) image, crop image, add arrows, etc ??

Do you have templates for Citizens 4-Point and Florida Wind Mtigation reports?


Hi Raimo,

You can make the following edits to photos on the mobile app:

Add circles, squares, and arrows of different sizes and colors
Add text directly onto or under an image
Crop, flip horizontally, and rotate images

We do have templates for both 4 Point and Wind Mitigation. You can start a 4 Point or Wind Mit from your residential report so you don’t have to refill all the client and property info. We have a lot of inspectors who use the Google Pixel 3 and it takes great photos. We haven’t heard of any issues with it. We offer a free 30 day trial with no credit card required, I would recommend testing it out to see if it’s a good fit: Free Trial.

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thanks Rusty. I’ll look into it.

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I am a CPI, operating for a few months now. I spent almost $1000 CAD on Palmtech. I did try the free trial from EZ but found that over time it would be a little more expensive as it is subscription. BUT after only a few months my palm tech license is up for sale and i just purchased EZ because my time is more valuable that a few bucks in the long run.

you get what you pay for I find that EZ is on a new platform and MUCH more user friendly.

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Hey @rkumpulainen, what were you able to find?