Home inspector software problem

Ive been browsing some report software and I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations? I’d like something on my mobile but I can also just bring my laptop to inspections. In my search I’ve noticed alot of crappy software reporting services that I wouldn’t pay a dime for. I honestly could make a better inspection report using Microsoft Word than half of the ones I’ve seen. I’m not sure I shpuld go that route though so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This has been hashed and rehashed. The little magnifier at the top of the page will find all the threads on this subject. I’m sure someone will be along shortly to tell you everyone’s brains are wired differently. The truth is everyone has a unique set of experiences (education) and a different frame of reference so finding a software that works for them takes time. Best route is to download the free trials and test drive them for yourself.


Sounds like you have already made up your mind. Best of luck with your own inspection program and using a lap top at the inspections.


“Best software” is like “Best pizza” ; everyone likes something different.
There are only a handful of top-tier options, try a few a see which direction you want to go. Honestly none are perfect, so keep your expectations in check.


Worth a try maybe.

Inspector Nexus, by our very own Jeff Pope, CMI, is what I would be using if I were not retired. He can be recheached for additional questions and samples at: https://www.myinspector.net


Carson Dunlop HORIZON. Tell them Robert Young @ Montreal Home Inspection Services sent you. Great for tablets. Never tried it on mobile phones. Everything is there. Observation - Recommendation - Limitations.
You build your own personalized narratives. Saves narratives.
No worries about being offline. You can sync reports once online.
I never leave home without my Surface Pro 6.

I have been using Tapinspect for the last 18 months. Tried several others in the past, and dislike them all. Works really great. Totally customizable, or use as is. Take photos and draw circles and arrows and type comments on pics as needed. Huge library of comments.

Whole report done on site on my iPhone 7 or 11.

Android version coming out eventually.

I do up to 3 inspections per day. I don’t do reports at home anymore. Got my life back!!

Check out the free trial.



I’ve been using scribeware. Since most of the inspection can be written with the same set of recommendations every single time, there is a function to check pre-written recommendations that are useful to identify, also to CYA for similar issues you see at every house. It ends up being about 25-30 less recommendations I have to write out every time and saves me loads of time. I have a surface and write up the report in 20 minutes after the inspection. They are working to make it compatible with a phone. They have a plan to have unlimited report for about $90-100/month or $7/inspection. Your first 10 reports are free. https://getscribeware.com/

LOL. Everyone’s brains ARE wired differently, Steven!
Make a list of your priorities and then read my article on Choosing Inspection Software and then follow the links to the top inspection software.


I’ve been using 3D inspection software for over 17 years now.

It’s not by accident that they’ve been around that long.


I recommend checking out the report writing resources at Step #11 on https://www.nachi.org/become-home-inspector.htm, and I’m using https://www.nachi.org/spectora.htm.

3D Inspect, love it, do it on your phone finish on lap top. Free trial is available, easy to use, minimal writing.

I set up a reporting program on Google docs. Have good results. I can view it on my phone. Tablet, and computer at my office. Saves me a lot of time to voice in the info on site, then add photos.

Well, it’s 8+ months later. How about an update. What software did you wind up going with?


I went with home inspector pro. Alittle intimation at first but I love it.