Anyone use MAT tubes?

Anybody use MAT tubes? Masonry Absorption Test tubes. Helps determine the absorption rate of water on veneer. Can help with a recommendation of properly sealing your brick/masonry.

…and, yes, I know it exceeds most people’s SOP.


Well we know Will does.

I just look at water stains the same way I do inside a bathtub enclosure as it does turn darker when wet but when you do a matts test you are after all just random sampling such a microscopic area at a time even if you position it at 100 spots.
Are you going to also climb a ladder and test at all levels ?

Just my opinion so far and usually this is found at multi-unit buildings where records of split block and CMU maintenance should be found hopefully.

Good luck and hope to hear more than I know from other users of this testing method.

Personally I would not get into this type testing unless assisting it with IR scans.

Give Will a call. He can fill you in on all the details.
Good luck with your class next week Jeff.

Thanks, guys… and thanks for the luck, Linas!