Anyone watching Doomsday Prepper show? I caught a blooper.

The first segment with the man (who shot his own thumb) and his sons are heading to their bug out location in a 2-door Jeep, but the interior shots of their conversation show them in a 4-door. The scenes alternate back and forth as if they are riding in the Jeep, but they actually aren’t.

Just something I noticed. Commercial over, back to the show.

Watch almost any commercial or any TV show and you can see a lot of discrepancies.

That’s half the fun of watching that stupid TV thingy.

I like the preppers down in TX living in the storage containers. We need all the nut cases out in the middle of no where living like that. This way if the day comes we wont have to worry about them on top of everything else.

Worry about them? I make friends with guys like that on purpose.

Then come up and visit me. I’ll show you preppen’ done Nick Gromicko style. I don’t have an old school bus though. :wink:

I’d love to take the family to CO this summer while the kids are out of school.
I’ll let you know if we head that way.

Come on out. I’ll give you one of my mining claims. No charge. My gift to you.