Anyone ever watch Hardcore Pawn show?

It’s like another world.

Been on for a while.
Favorite episode is the guy who keeps coming back growling like a Bear.

Haven’t been to Detroit lately, have you? :neutral:

One of my favorites, what a shock though to watch pawn stars then hardcore

Wait, I totally read that question wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nope, never seen it, but I’ll check it out.

hell yeah… cant get enough…

ooooh wait , “pawn” uh nope

Its just as crazy inside as they show on tv.I ve been in there once or twice

These are the > 1% ers we are supposed to fund through “tax reform”, “Gov funded birth control”, and “Gov funded fence building” (just not on the Mexican border)… ?

“You’s needs to give me $150 for this broken **** or I ain’t leven…”

Washington may have something going on there after all !

Odd you mentioned fences.
There is a state warehouse near me and they just put up strategic rolling hills with barbed wire behind them and a parking lot full of giant snow shovels with all sorts of antennaes sticking from the roof.
Makes you wonder if the Gov is getting ready to bunker in.

I had a person ask me that and due to the typical Rhode Island Accent (we tend to leave out the letter 'R" in some words and add it in others) It was shocking because it does sound kind of what you guys were thinking.

Because we sound like the adult film is pronounced pawn, and the store to buy used goods/sell your crap is pronounced pawn.

We also eat chowda, and lobsta, and paak (park) the caa (car)

We mix drinks in a blendah. But we sometimes get good idears when thinking real haad.

Our dialect isnt wicked haad to undahstand. Like a comibnation of south boston and new york…

And don’t forget the… Shaaks in da watta.

And 'Baston Sacks Cack"


I just watched the previews… WOW.

People were buying chain saws in order to get ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Isnt everyone ready for that?:wink: the end is near!

My favorite site is the sublime directory. They’ve got some good free spanking material in their attic section. Check it out and… don’t get any on 'ya.

Yes I have to admit I watch it. Shake my head at some of the people they deal with. There is a new show I really like basically a seller wheels and deals with a pawn broker and if they don’t like the offer they take a chance at auction. Pretty cool to see what things are worth to the public eye. I’ve always thought about starting a live auction myself.