Anything wrong with ceiling joist hanger?

This is only an exhibition, not a competition.

110811 036.jpg

Wrong size and wrong nails. Double wammy on this one.

Enlighten us on the nails. :wink:

We have a section on this. I cannot tell what kind of nails were used but they are pulling out from the beam. Either there is allot of weight in this area or the nails are not proper 10d.

Kevin, why do you say the hangers are the wrong size?

You are calling these “ceiling joists”. Where is the ceiling they are supporting? What type of ceiling? Need more info.

Standard hanger in Canada must be the same size as the joist. Most hangers here have 4 nail holes on the beam and 3 nail holes on the joist. Like the picture in the training on fasteners.

Sheetrock ceiling was cut away. They modified the structure by installing a beam to carry the load where once there was a wall.

Right off the bat…

I would like the bottom edge of the joist to be flush with the bottom edge of the beam. What is that, a 1/4 inch difference? Gonna have a few issues with that.

Can’t clearly see markings on nails, but they appear to be okay, except they are drive in at a bad angle.

Bracket appears correct for size of lumber. Question is, is lumber of proper size for the situation.

(Canada doesn’t apply in US, so no comment).

I’ll answer my own question. See page 8 and 16 of this document labeled “double shear nailing”:

Those nails with a “10” on the head are only 1.5" long. They do not penetrate the joist into the beam. A 10d or 16d nail is required for double shear nailing. A COMMON defect. Look carefully the the nails in the shear holes!

I confirmed that the shear nails did not penetrate the joist because there was a gap I could look up through at several joists.

You cannot tell from your picture if it has been nailed correctly.
Good observation Joe.
Did you also notice that they shaved the joist to make the hanger look OK for this application.

If you look closely, you can see “10” on the nail heads.

What is the point of shaving the joist?

You have to know the loads.

You can use hangers with 1.5 inch nails if the application is within specs.
Its .64 times the table value of the hanger.

Just because you see a double shear hanger does not mean it has to be used for that particular location and does not mean the maximum nails have to be used in it.

Here is more information:

Not on the shear holes you can’t. They don’t even penetrate the joist, much less sink into the beam. The manufacturer has a big X over an illustration showing 1.5" nails at the double shear location.