Nice Hanger !

This just might be a problem!

What?> at least they used nails…

What do you see as a problem, Buck?

Looks like it’s nailed good

Toe nailed, and a hanger to boot, with all holes filled using nails… sure, wrong hanger, but…

Deal Killer !!!

Wrong size!

It looks like it is 2/3 the depth of the joist to me.

According to who?

Most manufacturers allow their joist hangers to be used one size up… a 2x4 hanger is adequate for a 2x6; a 2x6 adequate for a 2x8…etc.

Did you annotate the name of the hanger and check its load rating or are you just calling it out because it doesn’t look right for your taste?

beats a 2x2" ledger with one nail in it!

Is there a 12 person hot tub up there?

I did not write up the hanger. But I did write there was NO flashing at the ledger board.

At least that joist hanger is holding compared to every (properly sized) hangers on this deck…

ouch !!!..that’s gonna leave a mark…

measure twice cut once, :slight_smile:

Wow David, how in hell can they screw that up like that in twodirections.
Never seen that. :):wink:


This particular deck was added onto an existing deck and was literally pulling away from its connection…



Let me get this straight… you post a picture of a joist hanger that you state is undersize… its pointed out to you that hangers are typically approved one size above their nominal value… and now you are saying you didn’t call it out but rather called out the flashing for which there is no picture showing what you actually were intending to call out…uh…okay, if you say so. :shock:

Buck, the main problem is that it’s nailed with roofing nails. You are allowed to use hangers one size under the dimension, so you can use 2x6 hangers with 2x8 material.

What you can’t do is use fasteners that aren’t designed for the purpose.

Hanger nails are designed with metal alloys that are strong in shear (like cutting something with tin snips) . Roofing nails are weak in shear but designed with big heads to keep shingles from pulling out (withdrawal). The size of the hangers isn’t the issue, it’s the type of fasteners used.

That’s a defective installation.

Hey Ken

I thought that you fell of the face of the earth… hope things are going welling in CO.