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I inspected a hydronic system today called Apollo Hydroheat. It uses the water heater to deliver hot water to the air handlers heat exchanger. The pump is located in the air handler. I have never seen anything like this in NC. The home was a foreclosure and was winterized so I didnt get to do a full inspection but I let the air handler run in fan mode. Now, usually here in southeastern NC all I see are heat pumps and gas pack units, so this was a first for me. I added a few photos



" I have never seen anything like this in NC."

Anthony, sure you have, it is the heater in your car.
Have seen a couple of those here in the mountains. First one I saw caught me off guard and I had to study it awhile before I was comfortable with the operation.

We actually just came across our 2nd one in 10 years yesterday. Wondering if anyone has input on the heated air temps. Most we got was 89-90, outdoor air was 66 and return was 72. Just looked up reported temps for the other unit we did a few years ago and it was mid-upper 90s. Anyone see enough of these to comment on if this is typical of Apollo Hydroheat?

They perform a loot like heat pumps and produce a low temp heat

Hi guys. I am several years too late to this party. I ran into one of these yesterday. Like you, I had to study it a while. I couldn’t get the thermostat in the house to adjust so I could not get the heat to come on. I wanted to check the temperature of the heat produced and distributed. Here is an article from a heating and cooling contractor should you wish to read it.

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The are a few neighborhoods in the Birmingham, Alabama area that have these systems install from the 1994 period (both water heater and heating system).

They are popular but I would image servicing is limited.

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