Aqua Therm

Just when I think I’ve watched enough of the NACHI HVAC videos to know about all kinds of systems I ran into something today I have never seem. It was an aqua therm system and i think it was hooked up to the hot water heater (with pb). Who knows about this system set up?

Think I saw that brand a while ago. It was used for hydronic heating and hot water, it also had piping to create the heated driveway. Does that sound familiar…the brand was aqua-something

Do you have pictures available to post regarding the system set up, Juan?

I see them in house’s built in the late eighties. They are usually a mess. Mold and corrosion, and almost always using poly piping.

They are similar to the Apollo system. Hydronic heat run through the water heater.

Lennox made one as well called a Complete Heat. Stainless steel heat exchangers would crack and fill the combustion chamber with water.

Wasn’t quite the fiasco of the Pulse furnace, but dang close.

We have those crappy things in crawlspaces attached to the old boiler systems. They are generally neglected because of the location.

Just saw an Apollo system the other day in a condo. Of course, the listing agent/seller did not have the gas on. The condo had PB water lines (most were hidden with copper stub outs through the walls). The best thing of all, the indoor HVAC unit (air handler & hydronic air exchange) was sealed up in a false ceiling, in between the bathrrom ceiling and attic. It did have a hatch/door, but it was nailed, screwed, caulked and painted shut (no access).
I see them once in a while, and evryone I have seen has PB water lines.