Appliance Connector Label Photo?

Anyone got a photo of an appliance connector label that states do not install through HVAC cabinets?


I’m not sure you’ll find that information on the label, but you will find it in your code book.

I have 2 dozen connectors in my truck
the information you seek is not on the label…

I’ve seen it on labels before. But here is the code. Thanks anyway. I got it covered.

[FONT=Arial]“Fuel gas code: [/FONT]G2422.1.2 (411.1.2) Appliance fuel connectors. Connectors shall have an overall length not to exceed 3 feet (914 mm), except for range and domestic clothes dryer connectors, which shall not exceed 6 feet (1829 mm) in length. Connectors shall not be concealed within, or extended through, walls, floors, partitions, ceilings or appliance housings.”