Hook 2 appliance connectors together?

Can you do this? What is the limit on how many appliance connectors that can be joined together?

090707 078 (Small).jpg

Appliance connectors cannot be attached to appliance connectors - that’s the rule.

Appliance connectors are to be attached to the gas-piping and the appliance, that’s all.

What I thought. Thank a lot Jeff.

We don’t even have to talk about the 90 deg bend either.:smiley:

Looks like they did that to get a shut-off valve.

Homeowners simply don’t use their brains at times.

I’m pretty sure this was done by a highly trained, but slightly drunk, HVAC professoinal.

In addition, appliance connectors are limited to 3’ in length … except for ranges and dryers which can be 6’ in length. That appears to be a gas supply for a furnace on a forced air heat/cool system (with a condensate drain visible), in which case it would be 3’ max.

Also, the shut-off valve must be before the appliance connector.