Appliance connector to Furnace

Had a gas furnace yesterday getting it’s supply with an appliance connector such as you would typically see on a dryer or stove. I’m assuming this is incorrect and should be either black pipe or CSST. Comments?

They are not permitted to run through walls or equipment which would include furnaces due to their thin skin rubbing and vibrating and causing holes and leaks and explosions and fires…

Thanks Derek, the connection was outside the furnace so it wasn’t going through a hole, it just seems like a half baked choice and there were a lot of other such questionable things in the property. I just checked online and found there were no permits pulled and it’s was completely remodeled!

Still researching, one thought was the sizing of the connector.
Certainly beyond the scope of a home inspection.


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Do you have a photo?

Here you go Chris, same connector you’d find on a dryer or stove.


That type of appliance connector is accepted in most areas for gas furnaces and water heaters, it is in mine. As long as it doesn’t pass through the furnace, which you said this one didn’t. Typically used in tight areas to connect sections of hard pipe.

Thanks Chris!

Same here see it all the time