I left the refrigerator door slightly open all night & my wife was somewhat irritated by my carelessness.

So I spent some time to clean the coils, fan & drip tray. I vacuumed quite a bit of dust but most was not accessible to vacuum. I then used my compressor & blew the area & created one very large dust cloud. You can now eat of off the coil. The drip tray had a nice layer of crud.

The amount of dirt was quite impressive.

How much better performance would you expect after cleaning a 8 year old refrigerator?

I may add some verbage to my remarks about maintaing the fridge & cleaning the coils & tray once in awhile.

A box of chocolates, or a few flowers would have been a LOT easier ! :wink:

I am sure that the better half was impressed with the dust cloud in her kitchen too. ha. ha.
Mine would have hit me. ha. ha.

I did something better.
Two weeks ago my dryer kept popping the circuit breaker and I said, well there is probably something wrong with it. It is 20 years old.

So two nights after that I dismantle the back side and completely vacumn the whole inside, exhaust pipe, lint screen, element shroud, motor, and everything in site.

The next time she used it she said it worked fine but only lasted a couple of cycles.

So, I said we better buy a new one before we burn the house down.

New dryer first use today. She calls me up at work and said the breaker tripped while using it.

I started laughing and said, well I guess the old dryer could have lasted a couple more years. ha. ha. Now you have a new one. I will be bringing a new 30 amp breaker when I get home.

She said, I don’t know what that is, but as long as it works is fine by me.

Get home, have her start the dryer with my amp load meter on the conducters and found it to only draw 22 amps, but after 1 minute, the breaker was over 100 degrees hot and the paper sticker on the breaker was brown.

Never thought of checking the breaker or loose wire in the panel.

And I am a Home Inspector! Whaoaoaoaoao, ha. ha. Well we can’t be all perfect right? ha. ha.

We can never be to cautious in inspecting the right parts. Cost me $400 to learn this one.
Education is not free.

All right guys, you can start to rub it in now that you heard the story. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

No one is perfect & we all learn by are mistakes. Hopefully they are not to costly.

What do you do with the old dryer that still works? Did they take it when they delivered the new one?

Yep, and they will probably sell it for $100. Ah what the hell,. it might make some one happy to get a dryer for that amount.
So they charged me $25 to take it out and will charge another $25 to take to someone else.

Isn’t the Merry go round of business wonderfull. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

No need to rub it in, you are doing just fine at it! :wink:

Unfortunately it looks like I will also be buying a new dryer and the old one still works well.
A nice expensive shirt of mine got washed and put in the dryer with some other shirts of mine .
Unfortunately there was a ball point pen in the shirt pocket.
Now a bunch of my shirts have ink spots all over them.
Do not know how they can get 2 quarts of ink in one pen .
The dryer looks like some one went in there with a water pistol.
The only good thing about it was Char did it not me .
She thought the shirt must be dirty so she threw it in with the laundry .
I had only worn it for about ten minutes to go see a lawyer.
Must be my fault I did not put it back in the closet

… Cookie

Roy, if you wore it just for that, how dirty was the Lawyer? ha. ha.

Did you get stopped for speeding again? ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

No just helping out a client and every thing looks like it is falling into place well.
… Cookie