Apprentice Looking for a Supervisor To oversee my 25 inspections for TREC cert.

Thanks …(members)… for all your responses…
Roy Billings Nachi #09082704
Lockhart Tx 78644

Roy, can you share some of the goals that you have for the inspection business? Do you ultimately intend on having your own inspection company or do you want to work as an employee, contractor or other? How much money do you expect to earn? How much money do you expect to pay to be sponsored? What are your time lines?

John, I didn’t know I had to pay to be sponsored…I may need some help on that…My ultimate goal is to be a sole proprietor within my own Co. The amount of money to be earned should be placed upon the credentials and knowledge, and the work performance I have contributed to the success of my supervisor. I will learn from Him/Her, I suppose. My time lines are based on trials and relationships with my supervisor and his acknowledgement of what I can offer. Preferably no more than 6 months from start date of Sponsorship. Thanks Roy E. Billings/Lockhart Tx


You may have trouble finding someone that will sponsor you, teach you the business, then wave goodbye to you to watch you compete with him. Around Houston, I have heard of sponsors charging $5,000 up front plus a fee for each accompanying inspection. Not that you may not find someone willing to sponsor you cheaply. I am sponsoring my nephew but that’s family and as far as I can tell, many apprentices fall under the family scenario. Have you considered going for the Professional Inspector license straight out? Probably your best bet considering the options and your goals.

Hello John, I haven’t considered it but I will work on it to acomplish my goals… $5000.00 is nothing if you have a good and open sponser…
I will keep trying…Thanks…Roy Billings