Opportunity with established company?

I’m a new inspector in San Antonio. I was just licensed in January. I’m almost done with all the requirements to become a full NACHI member. I have been doing between 4-6 inspections a week so far on my own. As with any business it’s still a 24/7 job trying to continue education and market on a daily basis. I was curious if the benefits of trying to contact an established company with a good reputation would be in my best interest to work along side inspectors that have a lot of experience and marketing that has been in place. I’m not sure how the pay works. I’m assuming you would work as an independent contractor like a real estate agent keeping a percentage, but again I’m not totally familiar. I know the support in the field is very valuable itself. I was hoping to get any feedback maybe from someone who has chosen to go this route or someone with a lot of knowledge in the field. I thank you in advance.

If you’re doing 4-6 a week early, you’re doing well. Keep working hard and market market market and by this time next year this will be an afterthought. First few years you’re gonna be pouring money into marketing but will reap benefits down the road.

Then the years after keep on pouring money into marketing and market market market!

If you’re already doing 4-6 a week just starting out and feel comfortable / confident why would you need to or want to hook up w/ someone? I’m in San Antonio and am surprised you are starting out getting 4-6 a week. How are you generating that much business just starting out. Quite frankly doesn’t seem realistic.
Feel free to call me if I can be of help since I’m also in S.A. My website in signature has phone number. I’d be more than glad to help if I can.

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Don’t fall for Dingleberries garbage.
Keep doing what you’re doing as an independent inspector.
The rewards are phenomenal when you control your own destiny and don’t have to depend on selling your clients private contact information to some junk alarm salesman.

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And if you like men that like it from behind, give mr. dingles a call.

And if you prefer a female tramp, give Jen a call.
She likes it both ways.

Just out of curiosity Nathan, who are the “successful inspectors including several multi inspection firms” in his area (my area also) that you work with here in the San Antonio area? And which inspector school(s) ?

Dingleberry’s full of sh i t.
He claims to have 10% of the industry as his clients(suckers)
How many of his multi-inspector clients (suckers) are in San Antonio?
80% of inspectors don’t make it in the business past their 2nd year.
The end is near.

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Nathan, Am I to believe you are including me in your reference to keyboard jockeys? I have 530 posts on here in 5 years to your over 7300 in 4 years ???
Or were you just ignoring my question? Is it unreasonable to request referrals from you in my city that you claimed you have several big clients in? I don’t believe I have ever insulted you (or endorsed you) on here as I see many have insulted you. I don’t use your product but this does not come across to impressive when just asking for referrals. I would also not insult any one that does use your product. Each inspector or firm should make their own choice. All I asked for was referrals since you said you have several large inspector clients in San Antonio. Naming them if they are happy clients, I’m sure would not bother them to be used as referrals. Naming them may include some I know which is how referrals work best.

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My estimate is he has at least a minimum 1,000 based on some paperwork I saw somewhere.
May have been just one branch.

Nathan, got your email. Thanx for clearing misunderstanding up. I am neutral ! :smiley:

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Linas, reminder, you are on an open forum.

I agree Bob. How many inspectors in Illinois alone don’t renew their licenses every 2 years? Something like 65%?
It’s a newbie harvesting scheme.
Smoke and mirrors.
It’s sad, isn’t it?

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