Approved Trap?

Is the trap in the photo an approved one?

If not, why?




Strange looking trap but personally I don’t see anything wrong; it does not siphon I would not be able to call it out

I believe code requires a “p” trap be installed.

That looks like it is going to a grease trap to the left, yes?

It perhaps may not be code but I am not a code inspector I operate on the principle does it perform its intended function or not I see no safety issues.

It looks like a trap, it works like a trap, it just appears a little different.

I wouldn’t call it out.

Nor would I.

It will provide a water seal, but in my opinion all kinds of crap will collect in it because it doesn’t have the sweeping bend provided by a traditional trap. No big deal if you don’t mind cleaning it out.

It is standard for a laboratory (medical/bio/some chemical) where sharps are used. They wont pass through the trap and can be removed from the side access. Does look like a grease trap on the side (small one but still). BTW it is approved (at least here), meets all criteria. Awfully pricey for someones home.