Trap type

Looks like a modern drum trap.
Second metal drum trap I have come across in the past week. Hm?

Anyone have information on how they operate or the manufacturer?

Thanks in advance.

Bottle trap.

Kevin, after all these years, is this your first encounter of the fourth kind?
It’s a Bottle trap, google it.

They are not approved for use here.


If its attached to a super fancy sink and exposed I leave it be but explain verbally .Because my name is not Barney Fife.

Chuck, Marcel G., Condo Bob. Much thanks, truly.

Although I am not Kevin, and to answer Marcel Cyr’s question, as a thoughtful/respectful home inspector, it’s been roughly 6 years since I ran into a metal bottle trap installed on a stainless steel bathroom sink.
I do remember discussing bottle traps on the MB when I first joined InterNACHI. But I had forgot having not run into this type of european style water trap that is not approved by US plumbing codes since 2012.

Marcel, how can you Google something by name for reference if you are unfamiliar with what to call it?
As well, do not believe everything you read, hear or see on Google. I will refer you to the last US election is proof.
Hope that helps.

You start by Googling Traps and find the one that looks like it.

Someone needs to tell Lowes that, look at the icon they use for the plumbing department, explains a lot!


or home depot…

Access Denied

Marcel, concur to a degree and usually do.

I was on the way to an inspection. I felt it would get a better mix of answers for the plumbing trap. Example, Condo Bob’s post, “If its attached to a super fancy sink and exposed I leave it be but explain verbally.”
Because my name is not Barney Fife.

I am sure you will receive respectful replies by using the posters correct name.

Best regards.

So, do you always base your report on whether it is “pretty” or it may “hurt” someones feelings? Wrong is wrong. Your job is to report what is wrong. It matters not whether you like it or not.

Bottle traps are allowed in some jurisdictions.

Let the AHJ decide.

I call it and explain.