New kind of trap?

I came across this trap today under a bathroom sink. The bottom was clear plastic and you could see the happy little bubbles passing through. Seems like it would be prone to clogging. Anyone ever seen one like it?


He said it was clear, maybe there is a picture?

I don’t see any of the mentioned bubbles. Do you?

gimmick galore

There it is - sorry guys. I thought it loaded the first time.

No, I see a drum trap but never saw one like that before.

Flatter than a typical drum trap, but I guess you could call it that.

Flat sink trap

Thanks. I never saw one before.

I think they are only in the UK

Probably not code accepted here in the US

Yeah - I wrote it up as likely to clog and to have it replaced. Thanks guys.

I have seen them overseas but never seen one in the states.

Very interesting looking.

Kenneth is right, it’s a flat bottle trap used for extra space. It contains moving parts and is not code compliant. Now, if I could just get Kenneth to send me some of that New Glarus Brewing Strawberry Rhubarb :mrgreen: