Arc fault breakers

Hello there. This house has 3 traditional AFCI breakers for the bedrooms, only one bedroom tripped using the suretest, but that is a separate concern. What raised my curiosity is the additional breakers (pictures) labeled “arc fault”. Haven’t seen this before.


Those are not arc fault breakers.

What Code cycle was in force when the house was built?

Nec 2005

I would have tripped all of the AFCI’s and tested the bedroom outlets, to ensure they were not powered.

It may be that the AFCI’s were not installed on the correct circuits.

I did do that, power was only off in the master and one out of 3 guest bedrooms. Here is a pic of the traditional breakers. My guess is that the breakers labeled “arc fault” are supplying the other bedrooms. For some reason I did not trip those. Would it be reasonable to call the owner (1 year warranty inspection) and walk him through it?


On a side note Jeff, is mentioning that afci protection was not confirmed using testing devices sufficient for our scope? The builder is aware and will (hopefully) remedy. I understand going through the motions to completely understand the defect, but in all honesty have I done enough by calling attention to a safety hazard?

No need to do that, just write up improperly labeled breakers and the other arc fault issues you found and let the builders electrician make all necessary corrections.

No need to have the client tripping breakers. As Bruce said, just make the notes of your findings and move on.

Recently did a home where several of the “pigtails” on the AFCI were not connected inside the panel and another home where an AFCI labeled for one of the bedrooms was actually powering the kitchen. All signed off the local AHJ as good to go.

ok…so beyond the labeling issue for the panel which needs to be sorted out. Next time, press the AFCI trip buttons and THEN go and check the bedrooms fully…then if receptacles or lights in the bedrooms function make reference to this and include in your report…thats a better test than using the suretest…