Arc fault conduit

Texs standards exclude arc fault on conduit systems.

Does NEC support that?

Why is it not required?

This is from the 2008 NEC:

The use of RMC, IMC, EMT or steel armored cable, Type AC, meeting the requirements of 250.118 is permitted for the homerun from the OCPD to the first outlet. At that outlet you would need to install a combination AFCI device to protect the rest of the circuit.

The exception would be hard to satisfy and would only cover from the panel to the first device on the circuit. AFCI protection would then be required. AFAIK, the device type AFCI has not made it to market yet.

IMO that is an incorrect interpretation of the requirements.

John…I fought this battle when the new TREC SOP was being drafted. Clearly, I lost that battle as BM interpreted the requirement as he saw fit.

Here’s the communication I had with the IAC (could be considered a 1st generation RFI):

AFCI memo.pdf (103 KB)

Thanks Mike, I have a group interested in helping us this and they are “bonafied”. Will explain who in private email. :smiley:

I always thought that this was one of the better written NEC code sections. I’m surprised to hear that someone is interpreting this to not require AFCI protection when using conduit.