Are gutters always necessary?

If a home has long roof overhangs and excellent slope at grade that adequately protects the foundation, why recommend that they spend money on gutters, except maybe to protect deck and walkway areas from turning icy during the winter?

Seems to me that in some situations, especially with roofs having low pitch, the risk of creating ice dams outweigh the benefits of installing gutters (as long as the foundatioon is protected by design methods).

They don’t use gutters in 90 % of the buildings up here. I guess they come right off with the snow.

In AZ the saying is that if you find gutters there was/is a problem (guess why). But even for places with a lot of rain and no/rare snow like coastal SC it is not necessarily a required recommendation. But I am now curious about the origin of your question ?:slight_smile:

Same broker who complained about avalanch preventers complained about gutters. Said he wouldn’t have them on any home he built because they create ice dams. I’m surprised I don’t see more of them ripped off the home by sliding snow.
The HI classes I’ve taken all make a big deal about always recommending gutters for homes without them, but it seems to me that what’s important is protecting the foundation and if the foundation is protected, I’m not going to recommend gutters.

Educate this builder/broker

Gutters do not create ice dams. Insulation problems and poor attic ventilation issues create ice dams.

If the buyer can deal with unsightly erosion trenches underneath the overhangs and splash effect/debris on adjacent objects and walls… that’s their choice. I would still recommend gutter installment IMO.

Since installation of my new roof and ridge vent, I have not had Ice dam problems return. Yes gutters are installed and no the don’t CAUSE ice dams.

I wonder do you get much rain or very little .
Do you have basements or pour a cement slab.
In my area we get a reasonable amount of rain.
I would say for most areas of North America gutters are the best way to go .
Defiantly need them to help keep the water away from the foundation .
You can not be wrong by having gutters and not needing them .
You can be sure if you need them and do not have them you will be wishing you had them
Saw a two year old home down spout was not away from the home repairs about $25,000:00 .
See many where they have walked away from the home purchase because of damage from no gutter and down spouts .
Avalanche guards highly recommended on steel roof .
Saw a nice home two years old gutters removed by Snow slde and $25,000:00 damage to her nice no longer new Mercedes from snow sliding of the garage .

With 6" to 7" of rain a year, no gutters are not necessary.

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Most loans in OH require gutters and downspouts

Came back when the snow was melting off the roof and took a look in the crawlspace of the home I thought had sufficient slope away from the foundation… puddles. Wet soil. A lot of it.

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Educate this builder/broker

"Gutters do not create ice dams. Insulation problems and poor attic ventilation issues create ice dams."

A lot of these homes have vaulted ceilings so there’s not a lot to be done without spending a lot of monoey if they haven’t been constructed well. They take low bids on the insulation and yeah, they install baffles, but they flatten the baffles against the sheathing during installation and so there goes the air flow keeping the roof cold and here come the ice dams.

I think that just like a lot of situations, there’s no one answer for all climates and styles of building. Err on the safe side when considering recommending gutters.

The photo from the crawlspace is just inside the right side of the foundation of the home on the side you’re looking at. I found plastic under the deck used in an attempt to improve drainage. This home needs gutters.

A good article discussing ice damming:

Spend some now or a great deal later. It’s their choice. If it’s new construction with ice dams… and I was the owner… I’d be on that builder like flies on stink to correct it at his expense.

Hi all , have great fight on this post.I am not using gutter guards on my house but i use it on my bush for protecting from fire distinguish.
But i think if the construction and if you have slope than no need to have gutter guards for ice dam.

I think you have to evaluate each home as a unique case. I have them on my guest house, 4/12 pitch steel roof with 24" overhang due to splash back issues but I remove them in the winter due to snow slide off. I don’t have them on the main house, 6/12 pitch steel roof with 3 ft overhang. The ground is sloped correctly, foundation for full basement is waterproofed, and I have a rock perimeter around the house using angled slate splash rocks to direct roof water away as it falls. It has been 3 years and I have never seen wetness from the roof on the outside walls or foundation. All that said I still recommend gutters for any home without them.

That’s a big 10-4 :smiley:

Some home owner insurance companies will ding you for not having gutters.

In Bermuda its the law!

We get 9"-10" here, and I see lots of stucco stains/damage as well as wood rot from roof runoff splashing.

Guess that extra 3" makes a difference. :smiley:

In Florida, we don’t see a lot of gutters over all, even though we get a lot of rain. I typically recommend gutters as an improvement when there is some issue being caused due to the lack thereof, otherwise I leave it alone.

Before the widespread use of gutters, foundation plantings were done to diffuse the rain water.
I particular situations where run off would be a problem then yes! Gutters.