Gutters Required?

Hi folks, I’d appreciate your advice on an item my 3rd party inspector noticed on a home I’m having built in Spring, TX (near Houston). There are no gutters installed on my house. From my cursory knowledge of building code, gutters are never explicitly required, although R 801.3 requires some controlled method of drainage 5 ft from the “foundation walls or to an approved drainage system.”

As it is, last weekend we visited the house and noticed that rainwater is already making a little trench about 8 inches from the back of our house and pouring down right in front of our porch. It certainly would be nice to have!

The builder simply states, “We don’t put gutters in.” Do I have any argument to require the builder to include them?

Picture of the house front below.

What does your contract with the builder state as to the standard they are building to? That is the only requirement they have. Don’t assume. If it isn’t in writing, you bad.

Not required, but recommended

Brick where gable windows go looks ugly.
Wonder what else he does different ?

So all the rain falling between the top three arrows is going to drain down the valley and out at the bottom arrow, over the siding right at the front door…

Jerk builder.

Bet he does not bother with kickouts either.

Well, it sounds like I’ve got a project to work on after we move in. If it’s not a requirement, the builder won’t put gutters in. Until then, it’s umbrellas up to the front door…

Did you choose your home from a model house? Did you choose your home from a drawing?

Yeah, although I gotta say that I wasn’t paying attention to the gutters at that point–it was more floor plan and features. The builder said some communities include them, but not the one I’m in.

I’m not noticing any ridge/roof vents. Did they install fixed vents on the rear of the roof?

Did the model…or drawings that you chose from, have gutters and downspouts on them?

Gutters are not required. Your contract with the builder should detail what is or is not included. It seems fairly odd that gutters would not be included and judging by the roof design you will be having major water problems in a few areas of the building. I would install gutters ASAP and make sure the water is carried away from the foundation/slab.

it’s unfortunate so many here don’t know or rely on the codes
i believe the op would have a very good argument for gutters being required
much of houston, tx has expansive soil

R801.3 Roof Drainage
In areas where expansive or collapsible soils are known to exist, all dwellings shall have a controlled method of water disposal from roofs that will collect and discharge roof drainage to the ground surface not less than 5 feet (1524 mm) from foundation walls or to an approved drainage system.

the above sounds like gutters w/downspouts to me

Yep, sounds like gutters with downspouts with those type of soils…

Considering the location, I agree with the above.

Not required … Recommended in most areas to facilitate drainage.

If you contract did not include them, your argument is HOW MUCH to install them as an option. May be cheaper to go with your own gutter installer

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