Are Texas builders & code officials inept at their jobs?

Another million dollar plus bad build nightmare uncovered by ***ADAIR INSPECTION***.
Absence of proper flashing and weather resistive barriers where required by code allowed the moisture intrusion into this 7 year old property.
If you’re having a commercial or residential property built in TX it pays to hire me for your phase inspections during the build process; otherwise you can pay me after to assist in your legal pursuit for compensation.

"If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." Red Adair

Indeed…fact is that in Texas many rural areas do not even require municipal inspections. If you are in TX…most certainly give Mr. Adair a call…you will be shocked at what is allowed in unincorporated areas and rural areas.

Also check out and you will see the facts that Mr. Adair speaks about.

Hey Bear, we doing some invasive investigating inspections lately? :):wink:

Was it stucco, stone veneer outside OR ???

Why were you there … doing a home inspection and ran into this


Owner had moisture issues and called.

Standard procedure on 1.8 mil houses in my area.

20% of windows or doors don’t have flashing.

20% - 30% have / Window is 3’ wide BUT flashing is 2’11" / Mitre Joint not covered

This 7-10 year old house is leaking and rotted. The one next door is identical and got no issues … YET

True Marcel :slight_smile:

Also, Why do we need to call out or ask if Texas builders & code officials are inept at their jobs?
Just asking? They do their Job, Let’s just do our job ! I specialize in new home construction inspections and point out to clients that there has never been a perfect home built and I’m there to help them get their new home built as perfect as possible ! I have the easy job - pointing out issues, deficiencies, problems. It’s hard to get it perfect during construction. I also tell my clients if I don’t piss their builders off I’m not doing them a good job. But quite frankly I won’t call builders inept. Some builders are receptive to issues being pointed out and others aren’t. As I tell clients I don’t make anything up, all my issues are backed up by actual facts - industry standards, manufacture’s requirements and yes- codes. Just tell it the way it is !