Kickout flashing Problem?

Is this a wide spread problem or is it just in certain areas?
We don’t get a lot of snow or ice down here, we get RAIN.
I live in SE Texas ( Golden Triangle) and looking at building a home late in the fall of 07. How can I avoid all the problems that all of you Inspectors keep talking about?

Concerned Future New Home Owner

Hi Bonnie,

Hiring a Professional Inspector that is experienced with inspecting new construction is the best method for avoiding this problem and many others. Hire your inspector before the contractor so that you can negotiate allowing the inspector on the job. Please e-mail me if you have any specific questions or concerns that I could address for you.


Kickouts are needed on all sidings! Imo

Contact Bob he is in texas!

There are plenty of good inspectors here that can help.

Hi Bonnie,

I live just out side of Beaumont, TX.

This is not just a local problem, as you can see the first two inspectors are not from the the north. Roof line water flow getting behind all claddings is a problem no matter where you live.


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***PHASE INSPECTIONS***are highly advised and should be performed by someone very familiar with the local code, construction materials, and techniques. Here is a link to my site for further information.

You will have many more doors, windows, and other penetrations, than kickouts. The details to proper installation and flashing of all exterior components is critical when it comes to preventing moisture intrusion.

These are without a doubt the some of the most informative links IMHO. There are also details on materials and installation practices to ensure your home is built to your needs.
Site map:

Hot and Humid: Your location!
§ Building Science Corporation - Designs That Work - Hot Humid Climate
§ Building Science Corporation - Designs That Work - Hot Humid Climate - Best Practices
§ Building Science Corporation - Designs That Work - Hot Humid Climate - Building Profiles

Remember that codes are the minimums builders can get away with.
Nothing says we can’t build them better. Everything does come with a price.

Real World Problems, these are kickouts, just not effective. Do these look like the line drawing images?

Issues of the failures:

  • The diverter angled wrong for the different roof pitches.
  • Can not achieve effective placement with every installer guessing.

Visit not as product advertising but as an awareness and educational tool as a practical solution for this problem.

Dryflekt kick out diverter flashing engineered and manufactured to achieve consistent and effective results for new construction or retrofit repairs.

NACHI INSPECTORS performing phased construction inspections, GREAT IDEA. Offering education and experience in a positive manner to improve the quality of a structure. This would protect the interests and investments of the Builders, Contractors, Homeowners, Insurance Providers, and Financial Institutions. IMO.

Bob Givens

Try This

WOW Thanks Guys,

I didn’t expect such a quick responce. We will look over all the stuff, and about having an inspector check on the job while it is being built.

Thanks a bunch
Bonnie Gillis

If you are planning on having EIFS installed on your new home find out if the contractors installers even know what the EIMA standards are. We have inspected a number of homes with an EIFS system installed and only found one that was installed properly, and that was this year. If the installer does not know what EIMA is keep looking. It is doubtful they are properly trained in the system installation.

EIMA= EIFS Industry Members Assoc.