Inspector in Washington, DC area needed.

Michael Rowan
11:01 AM (31 minutes ago)

to Nick
Do you have any inspectors that are new construction qualified for this inspection?

I need an inspector familiar with DC building codes for a pre-dry-wall inspection on a new TH by Ryan Homes at a site in DC bordering MD, sometime toward the end of this month and then a follow-up pre settlement inspection around 9-15-14.

Has anybody heard from Jim Keilson lately?

Nope. I hope his recovery is going well.

I’ve stayed in touch with Jim throughout his ordeals, he has been through a lot but has been maintaining his spirits!

Hes hoping to be back at work in the near term.

He’s been sending me some jobs and I went ahead and contacted the client in the first post.


Thanks Tom. That is great to hear. Jim is a good man, and am happy that things are looking up for the future for him and his family. Please give him my/our best the next time you are in contact. I have sent a few PM’s and Emails over the months, but understand why no reply. I’m also glad you two have a good working relationship. It certainly helps knowing there is someone to trust when you need to refer to someone.

Will do Jeff.
I’m sure it’s been a very frustrating time for Jim to say the least, he is not the type who likes to be sidelined!

Jeff and Kevin, I forwarded your greetings and best wishes to Jim.

PS - Jim just got back to me and thanks you both for your good wishes!

Thanks Thomas.