Are there any particular courses you'd like to see?

We released today. What other courses should we work on developing?

InterNACHI and CanNACHI members are already the very best… but we want them to be 25 times better than all other inspectors.

Help us keep the courses comin’ What else should we be developing?

…a way to get the HVAC course for free :smiley:

Free is definitely a plus.:mrgreen:

I’d like to see the course be shorter in length. I’ve got an hour here or there, but not 8 or 21 anywhere. I’m sure some people are fine with doing a course for an hour and then coming back to it a week or two later, but my brain doesn’t work that way (maybe I’m a little A.D.D.). I pretty much have to start over every time. Even if the bigger courses were broken into logical smaller course that could be taken over a longer period of time it would be helpful to me.

As for topics…

Lead paint.
Septic systems.
Wells (more in depth than the current video)
IAQ (general)


our course teaches “Home Inspector Tort Law” we are the only school in Canada that offers it, was developed by our litigation lawyer(is current and up to date), our E&O underwriter loves it, says every Canadian home inspector should be educated to understand legalities for home inspectors
our topics in this course are based on…
Tort liability
Applied principles of tort liability for home inspectors
Breach of standard of care
The professionals duty to warn
Specific limitations/general limitations
Applied principles of contract law for home inspectors
Professional and ethical responsibilities for home inspectors
when we see you in Dec. Nick, I can go over it with you and see if we can add it as part of the training for Canadian Home Inspectors

Personally i’m interested in Radon and learning more about the legal side of things as Allen has mentioned.

Agree, we need a 2 or 3 hour HVAC course dealing with the main issues we should look for and report. And the quickest, safest, most accurate way to do this. We are only paid to visually examine.

Report Writing
Construction Phase


I like this. I’ve had training in tort law, but I think every inspector should , as well. Way to go, Allen…I also like the 2 or 3 hr. HVAC course. I’ve seen a lot of great suggestions. :roll::D:D:roll::smiley:

I second the idea about the HVAC Course. It would be nice if it was broken into segments that would be region specific. I would love to watch it but feel that most of it would not be relevant for my market. We need heat pump and basic ac training.

The production cost for the 21 hour course exceeded $40,000.00 (the professor alone was $7,600.00) and so there has to be a nominal fee ($199) for that one so as to assure future productions. Furthermore, we are partners with NACHI.TV on it. It is really worth the $199.

But we will consider a short, non-video HVAC course for members and we already have a radon course in development (both free).

Good suggestions folks.

The HVAC course is a steal at $199 for 21 hours. I had to pay much more than that per quarter and it took over 1800 hours, not counting tools, books, etc. If it saves your butt just one time from making a serious mistake and costs your customer a couple hundred for your mistake it is more than worth the small fee. If I were not already qualified / certified in HvAC I would jump on this price / course. Knowing what you are looking at and how HVAC works (and doesn’t work) gives so much peace of mind when doing an inspection. It works out to less than $9.50 an hour. Most of us would not bat an eye at spending much more for a simple moisture meter to avoid a costly mistake. Look at it as a cost / benefit trade off with a predictable outcome. Money well spent for the amount of knowledge you gain. As my mom just to say “Get any and all the education you can, they can’t take that away from you.”

Question for the course work which you pay . . . once paid, can the course be view as many times as needed, or is it a one time shot? . . . How long is it available once you pay?

Would like to see:
Septic systems
Concrete & Masonry
(Maybe we already have access to the above . . . just not sure)

W. Michael Chris… I’ve secretly rigged up NACHI.TV so that members, once they buy a training course like the HVAC one, can watch it over and over again, forever (despite what the site says). sssshhhhh. I want our members to be the best.

Canadian Electrical Inspections etc.

I think it would be a good course for all, a very important part if not the most.


You may just be right brother! :D:roll::D:roll::smiley:

How about a FHA/VA fee panel class/testing so we dont have to fly out to Washington to do it? I havent checked in a while but last I did that was the only location to do this. It may now be regional…If someone knows different let me know.

Paul, you find me an expert who can teach it and I’ll pay for him to do it for us, then attempt to get it approved so you don’t have to fly to Washington.

You would still need to learn the specific rules for the province you live in. :mad:

For BC inspectors, I highly recommend Electrical Code Simplified by PS Knight, costs $14, at the hardware store.

Nick, how about structure? Foundation cracks, drainage, truss arrangements, purlins, (under-purlins :p), ventilation?

I know I’m not a member at the moment, but will return…

John Kogel