Inspect4u becomes MICB recommended school in Canada.


This guy learns well, Nick!!! SPIN!!! SPIN!!! SPIN!!!

** A Home Inspectors average hourly income is $150.00 + an hour**
***Nice work if you can get it!
***Revenue is not income.!! Hope he explains the difference once he’s got the trainee’s cheque in hand.


Home Inspections cost $325.00 and up for an average house in Canada (and it takes approx. 2 hours to complete one).**
***If you’re just barely meeting the essentially 30 year old SOP!


Home Inspectors can easily perform 3 inspections per day.**
*** If you’re not really serving the customer!!!


The income in Home Inspection is so **great and overhead is extremely low, even at only 3 inspections per week generates over $975.00 of income in less then 8 hours of work performed. "THAT’S JUST PART TIME"
***That’s why there are more retired part-timers getting into the field. They can charge lower rates as they already have steady income called “pension”.

** Very simple to run/operate.**
*** A small, little, teeny bit of truth here!!


There is a shortage of Home Inspectors in Canada and the demand is steadily growing. **
***What planet is this guy from???.. Oh Yeah!!! Got to spin it!!!

This business is recession proof.
***???..have a look in the US

** You can be in business for yourself in less then 45 days.**
***What other professional designation or trade allows you to be fully certified and in business in 45 days??? Jeez, to be a hairdresser takes 6-12 months training!!

Exactly what we didn’t need in Canada: another diploma mill . . . . . but wait ! There’s more ! . . . . . churning out the new and improved C.M.I. THESE GUYS ONLY DEVALUE THE C.M.I. and that is not helpful.](*,)

Right on, George!!

You should see what’s going on in my area. Mentioned a bit in another current thread.

As P.T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every day (or was it minute)!!”

Brian, if you didn’t think Nachi was so big, you wouldn’t be trying to tear it down! You need to lose this fear you have, Nachi is not out to get you.

CMI’s requirements haven’t changed:

Explain why you feel it is a diploma mill. I’m all ears.

For the money that is charged ,they do not teach you much
I recomend that somebody from nachi go on a web site to see what you need to become a member of the Ontario Association Of Home Inspectors ( OAHI) in Ontario , Canada
Because reputable Realestate agents in Ontario have recommended to become a member of them to be able to get steady referals and a good income
The courses that I need now to become a member are very expensive and now that I blew my money on Inspect 4 U I won’t have enough for the courses I need

Thank you for reading this

Victor Lacroix
First Find Home Inspections

I have not had one single agent ever ask me about OAHI.
Also I personally know of two gentleman who are graduates of that school who are doing very well.

Victor, every association has their qualifications, OAHI courses are different and the ones they qualify as well, other associations recognize different courses as well.
Victor we are very fair priced 1750.00 for 60 hours plus the mocks and support thats $29.16 an hour for training and hands on are we overpriced???. OAHI is getting much bad publicity these days and agents you deal with that tell you you need to belong to a certain association seem to be going against thier RECO ethics, reputable agents do not talk this way. Home Inspectors Choose what association they belong to they are not told they have to be with a certain association
So Victor you say you blew your money hmmmm?? Spend the massive thousands on other courses to become OAHI certified then and good luck.

Nice job bashing this Canadian course.

I checked out several courses offered in Ontario and after calling Allen Cavdek from Inspect4u they offer a HomeInspection course by canadian trainers that are knowledgeable with provincial building codes and most important Canadian Tort Law and how it applies to Home Inspection.
They also provide after trainig mentorship and go as far as allowing you to return and sit in for part or all of a complete training course as part of continuing education at no additional charge.
Most other courses I found online were not in class training.
I am enrolled to take this course in March and feel confident the trainig will be worth every dollar, if not I will let you know.

[INDENT]1. In Class Training
Exterior and Interior Walls
Structure: Foundation to Roof
Life Cycles/Costs
The Inspection Report

2. On-the-Job Training

Using our successful on the filed training methods and systematic approach, you will be conducting a complete inspection of a home, under the supervision of the Inspectors(s)
3. Communication/Business Skills
Telephone Skills/Referrals
How to run a successful business in Home Inspections

4. Inspection Trade Secrets

System On Inspecting Successfully
Report Writing
Getting Work/Inspections
5. Getting Your Business Up and Running

Office Set Up/ Paperwork
Printing and Marketing Materials
Legal Documentation
Insurance Protection

6. Sense of Accomplishment

Our course will help prepare you in the field of Home Inspections
Knowledge obtainment
Suggestions as to the affiliations and Associations to belong with
After course-completion-continued support

Course Outline

**Day 1 **

Introduction/Course Overview, Standards of Practice, Codes of Ethics, Foundations, Exterior Structures, Roofing, Wall Systems.
Mini Test

Day 2
HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning), Electrical, Means of Egress, Insulation and Ventilation,
Smoke, Fire and CO DetectorsMini Test

Day 3

Plumbing Systems, Moisture, Mildew, Basements, Crawl Spaces, Interiors, Report Writing, Solicitation/Business Legal MattersMini Test
Day 4
Report writing, Solicitations/Business Legal Matters
Day 5
Field Inspection Report Writing, Review of Reports
Day 6
Field Inspection Report Writing, Reviews, Final Test, Course Wrap Up Briefing, Review/Questions


Call Us Toll Free 1 888 458-8809

Why are non members allowed to post ignorant ,bashing coments about a training facility that refers students to become members here ? Makes me question my membership.If they cannot join and support internachi then they should not have the previlage to post an opinion! :slight_smile:

Someone deleted their post.

Nick have you or anyone on the CMIB reviewed canachi’s training Manuel’s? I managed to get a copy of their “building evaluation training” book and I am shocked to fine that a lot of the info does not match or meet the building code and if his graduates repeat this information we are all going to be in one hell of a mess. Nick before you endorse any training programs you should review the program. I do not believe for one minute that you reviewed canachi’s training because if you had there is no way you would have endorsed it.

Deleting my comments , inspect4u got offended I will keep the peace
Thanks for your support InterNachi membership
Wayne Dmyterko Little](

InterNACHI Member
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Gee Gene this is NACHI where the information is seldom filtered .
Sorry if you feel it is wrong but if as you say you have been looking for many years you will see many have saved a lot of money with what has been posted here .
Rose coloured glasses might be needed some times .
A prime example is the person who scammed many Dollars from Home Inspectors and this was stopped By posts here and other Forums


Hey Cool Aid !

 I am " **the guy** " who owns, and instructs at **Sharondale Academy**. I am **not a mortgage broker** who lost his licence, and I am anything **but** a 

diploma mill. My blood started to boil, just a little, when I read your libelous attack on my person, and my school, but I quickly remembered to
pull the plug, and go back to room temperature, before answering. Since you are too much of a coward to accuse me face to face, and have to hide behind silly names like Coolaid, I really don’t want to say much of anything to you, other than to say…BACK OFF!

 Sharondale is me! I am also the Eagle, at Eagle- Eye Healthy Home Inspections, in Oshawa, On. I truly believe Sharondale Academy to be the absolute, hands down, best school of instruction for home inspectors, in the country! I do not speak that in arrogance. I say it humbly, but in the confidence and personal knowledge that I give my students the very best of education, in class, online, and in the field, to be found anywhere. I only graduate a dozen or two every year. That can hardly be called a diploma mill. My training is intense, and quite demanding of any student who chooses to avail him/herself of my mentoring. I still relate to successful students from several years back. I give more, and I expect more from my classes. I am a C.M.I., C.M.H.I., C.C.I., and several other certifications. I've been around the industry for over 40 years. I charge plenty for my training. When a student graduates from Sharondale; he or she is ready to open the doors to success, as a home inspector. I don't throw a few hours of class training at them, and hand them a diploma. They get at least 160 hrs. of training. 80 hrs. of that will be in the field, doing actual home inspections. No other school, anywhere, can even come close to that. What they do in class; they double in homework assignments, online. Most of my curriculum is Canadianized Inachi training.

Why? It’s the best out there, as far as I’m concerned. I form bonds with my students. I teach, not because I can’t inspect, but rather because I can inspect, and inspect well. I want to impart my knowledge, and experience to my students, like a father does with his kids. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making good money while doing that.

Let's get this straight dumbo; I am not a defrocked mortgage broker! I am not a diploma mill, and I am not sure I would be able to remain this cool, if I knew who you were, and stood chin to chin with you. It took 40 years to build a great reputation, through dilagence,honesty, integrity, blood, sweat and tears. All it takes is nonsense like this, from a jerk like you, to bring a man and his good reputation down. **BACK OFF !:mad::mad::mad::mad:**


I’m with you Gene. I don’t know whether you were talking about Allen’s school, Inspect4u, or mine, Sharondale Academy. Either way, no non-member should be able to post such crap, unless he’s prepared to take it to court. Thanks for your input.:wink:

[FONT=Arial]That is true, but many have their opinions and if one or two complain that is part of our business, we send our students to Inter-NACHI as well but with the many we have trained across Canada there will be the few that will always complain and it does not matter what you do it happens in all professions, so don’t let it bother you Harold.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Complaining (complaints) is a right and we all do it at times. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]But what I feel and possibly many do as well that also holds its part for civil litigation is to slander/defame/threaten/insult an individual. that’s why they created civil proceedings and monetary compensation for those that commit this and are found guilty of it. If it is bothersome hire a Lawyer and do the right thing. It works.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]

Hey Allen !

You are right, plain and simple. I have nothing against anyone who has taken training from me, and has a complaint. That's their right. I do, however, take exception to those clowns who know nothing about my school, other than gossip they have picked up on from somewhere. They have never met me, spoken with me, or know anything about me, in terms of character,vision, or purpose. I think envy, jealousy, inferiority complex, or fear of their own failure drives them on. Maybe they spent too much time standing in the corner, when they were kids.:roll::mad::shock:;-)