Are there too many home inspectors around ?

After I retired from the business, I stayed in contact with colleagues who had proven themselves to be fair and competent competitors. One fellow in particular referred all requests for inspections to me whenever he became too busy, or when he went on vacation.

A few days ago we had another of our periodic luncheon dates, and I inquired about how busy he has been, and about the business in general. He revealed that his phone is hardly ringing these days, and when, the first question being asked is: “how much do you charge?” He also told me that he had only collected $30,000 **so far this year.

This full-time inspector maintains a very professional and sophisticated website to promote his services - has spent for years tens of thousands of dollars on *Yellow Pages *advertising to publicize his business - and has obtained all the “*bells and whistles” *allegedly necessary to succeed in this business. He is one of the first *“Registered Home Inspectors” *and “National Certificate Holders” in Ontario, and he has by now more than 25 years of practical inspection experiences under his belt.

How many Home Inspectors are enough?

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired

Simple answer to that is YES. But what do you do about it?
You make all those advertizing to be at the minimum level of Inspection education. After the government gets involved we may have the same as Alberta. I will keep everyone posted about the progress.

Rudolph, this is a great question and can be answered simply by “Yes”. However your question poses more than what is immediately apparent from the asking. What it identifies is there is a more fundamental underlying question, “Why are there so many inspectors?”

Is it because in a downturn economy people will look for any opportunity to make a living? Is it because the entry requirements to become “an inspector” are so loose?

We’ve all heard that “poor inspectors” are readiliy weeded out, but while there is an unendless supply of untrained, unprofessional and sometimes criminally negligent people out there willing to put themselves out as inspectors, and while the system still allows it, then the good and professional inspectors are always going to be affected by the supply/demand chain.

That is, they are very often going to (for the first time anyway) go for the cheap inspector. This is invariably the one who has little or no training, no insurance, has not made a huge investment in their tools or how to use them and is marketing through somethime unethical relationships.

This unfortunately is one of the biggest arguments for licensing. Licensing in my view is inevitable, because it’s the governments way of saying “See, we did something to make it better” but in fact offload it to an outside kwango that generates huge income from friendly training services.

What we need to ensure is that Licensing doesn’t end up as a cash cow for unscrupulous educational establishments. This is why I opted for InterNACHI, as the training is good, and free. What we need to add to this is an auditable way of proving that the education has been taken, and the exams have in fact been taken in a manner that identifies this.

We are working towards such a program in OntarioACHI, but with no income, it takes time.


My goal as a new inspector to make all the old inspectors the same as you. Old, retired and bitter with nothing better to do than make resentful comments on the MB.

I want complete domination of the market of the Central VA market and then the VA market. I want old bitter guys like you who make these comments about new inspectors to come to me begging for work. I don’t know if it will ever happen but that is the goal. I have about 40 years to make it happen.

Wow! Talk about being bitter!

I suppose bitter could loosely describe my post.

If that is how you interpreted it than at least I am bitter with purpose and motivation. Which is the opposite of being bitter, feeling sorry for my friends, complaining about it, and blaming my problems on other people.

There are plenty of successful inspectors that operate in cities flooded with home inspectors. They overcome this just fine. Instead of posting these pity parties, how about you take all the extra time on your hands and write a book about marketing that would help your friend overcome his obstacles.

The Public Forum is not for this type of action Juan. Since you have only been associated for less than one year I must agree with Jeffrey! Mr. Reusse is very well respected since he is one that has stood the test of time.
He barely posts here and your comment was way out of line.

Thanks Rudolf Unfortunately it is an oversaturated market .
Many feel they can be part of this industry .
Unfortunately 90% ~last about 3 years .
It is sad too see so many spend about $10,000;00 before they find out just how hard it is to make a reasonable living in a NICHE market .
Trend chasing is in effect is risk taking in a market that is frequently saturated with many chasing a small slice of the market.
I get many phone calls from people wanting to become a Home Inspector.
A good idea is to look back in the Archives of Nachi and see how many where listed there and who are no longer doing Home Inspections .
The failure rate is extreme .

First of all, my comments are mild compared to what I have read; even mild compared to some of your posts! So how long do I have to be a member before gaining permission to post my controversial and offensive comments?

Second of all

I wonder who this was from

Juan, Your InterNACHI ‘Call Me’ button was pressed. Please call this potential client back at 123 456 7800 or email him or her at

Juan… Google the IP address that is listed and tell us what city it came from. The jerkbox that sends the fake notices doesn’t realize it captures his IP address, and Nachi forwards it to the recipient. I have a long file just waiting to be utilized against the jerks. The two hottest areas that like to abuse my systems is around Toronto and the state of PA. (Purposely not being too specific).

"IP address “” is located @ Canada "

Google maps shows toronto…

Now you know it wasn’t Larson! :wink:

Never crossed my mind :slight_smile:

If you really want to know, this will help…

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Supply and demand.
You worked before people knew there were Home Inspectors.
Now that most know we exist more will get in the field.

Good side is more demand while bad side is more supply of schools cranking them out.

The above are why you need a great report,knowledge and top rate marketing.

Now in days with worse economies this all applies to most professions.Heck when licensing hit here we had near 4,000 in the state but it went down to 1,500 and is now climbing back up again.
One may never rest and must keep up or get run over.

That’s where I come in :mrgreen:

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