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**Enjoy incredible financial rewards **

**by **

**becoming a certified instructor **

We’ll provide EVERYTHING you need

including a new student every 15 minutes!

Enjoy Success by Teaching Inspectors

While still focusing on your primary inspection business, teach classes, proctor exams, offer webinars, and mentor inspectors.

***“I’m a certified instructor of The InterNACHI School in New York.” ***

  • Thomas Valosin, ASKUS Consulting Services, NY

For more information

**50 **Inspection Tips and Techniques by Fellow Inspectors


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Comments anyone??? :wink:

I am on board. First and foremost I love to teach and am passionate about my chosen profession and would love to teach others.

The problem with our industry isn’t to many inspectors it too little of GOOD, QUALIFIED inspectors. What better way to prevent idiots from ruining the name of the profession than teaching them.

I have seen what hap hazard testing does. It ruins our names and profession. What better way to combat that then from the inside? You let idiots teach you are going to be doing $99 inspections. Teach them what the profession is worth, make them work for it and instead of uneducated lowballers you will get qualified inspectors and do inspections for $499.

Would you rather do 100 jobs at $250 or 50 jobs at $500? Some will look at this like an income generator, I look at it like a increase in professionalism.

I was a instructor for 7 years in the army and loved it!

Congratulation Marcel go for it ,others are why not you too.

Not for me Roy!

But I especially like iNACHI’s quote:

We’ll provide EVERYTHING you need including a new student every 15 minutes!


I got one too Marcel.

Let’s join forces.

We’ll rake it in. :shock:

Why should I say any thing you did not see any thing wrong with it happening else where .Roy

But you did Roy!

Comments??? why is your head in the sand now…


Their thinking…

The field is bloated with HI’s now. We can’t see a big rise in new HI students like we did in the recent heady RE fiasco…so let’s bloat the field with HI instructors.

Existing HI thinking…

RE sales are way down; not many inspections happening…get certified as an instructor, promise riches to any newbies* I can suck in and…make a lot more money teaching!!

  • Here’s from a business story about a BC master franchisor:
    "Once they’re up to speed, A Buyer’s Choice franchisee can do 600 inspections per year at about $450 per inspection – creating a gross income of $270,000 per year."

Whats the problem?

You have leaders of home inspection associations running inspector schools, and or inspection supply companies.

More instructors more students. Whats wrong with that?

**Did you ever consider becoming a home inspector?

10 Reasons
Why Home Inspection is an Ideal Business Opportunity,
Career Change or New Career Choice.

                              **No franchise fees*. Minimal startup costs.**
                              **Relatively short term startup training **(period may vary dependent on each individuals previous experience).
                              **A home-based business with limited overhead costs.**
                              **Can be conducted on a full or part-time basis**.
                              **Unlimited income and potential for expansion**.
                              **Growing demand for home inspection services.**
                              **Cash flow benefits of onsite payment for services provided.**
                              **Transportable skills - if you move to another location.**
                              **Flexibility - set your own hours.**
                              **An important, exciting and lucrative career.**
        *** **there are no franchise fees associated with our courses.

    There has never been a stronger demand for home inspections  and qualified home inspectors as there is today. This is due, in part,  to deficient construction practices, materials and workmanship as well  as awareness of environmental hazards and a need to protect today's  consumer who is better informed and wants maximum value for what is  often the largest financial investment of his/her life.

**[size=5]Any Comments?

We’re doing this school worldwide, in some 60 different countries. We’ll need veteran inspectors who like to travel initially as most countries have no inspection industry to speak of. It’s all new to them.

I didn’t say there was a problem with that but some appears to think there is by their posts including yours…

Just wondering why some think that way…

Your initial post made me think you had a problem. But now I realize you don’t have a problem with it.

I think it is similar to a home inspector doing repairs on the home he inspected some think that too is OK .
I think most SOPs say not to be done .

What is your feeling of a association teelling newbies how great this industry is .
Then telling them to join our association .
Then he is the president at the meeting . then he tells them they need to take our courses .
Next weekend he is teaching these newbies a course nkowing 90% are never going to be a home Inspector.
This happens in Canada and has for many years .
I think it is similar to a home inspector doing repairs on the home he inspected some think that too is OK .
I think most SOPs say not to be done .


Brian, do you have anything to add?

*Canada’s Leading Home Inspections Career Opportunity

                    *                         Why Inspections?*
        "LEARN FROM THE BEST TO BE THE BEST"*                                                            **Why Home Inspections As A                          Business**?                          **$$$

Did you ever consider becoming a Home Inspector?

                    Inspect4u (Canada) offers this                          unique opportunity in education with hands on training                          for a career in Home Inspections.**                                                                                                                         [size=4]**

10 Reasons ** Why Home Inspections Is An Ideal Home Based Business/Career Change.
1. No franchise fees (with our courses)
2. Minimal startup costs
3. Run as a part-time or full time business
4. Unlimited income potential and expansion
5. Growing demand for Home Inspectors
6. Immediate cash flow benefits/onsite payment
7. Flexibility-set your own hours
8. Short term start up training
9. Very low overhead
10.Very exciting and lucrative career

There has never been such a strong demand for Home Inspectors. Nearly 90% of all Real Estate transactions request a Home Inspection. It’s a very rewarding career with the average Home Inspection running @ a current $325.00 + per home, taking into consideration that an inspections is completed within a 3 hr time frame. REWARDS

                                                               **If you do chose this career as a profession, you                          can set your own time schedule and reap the full                          financial rewards of your labour.  Provide your clients                          with good service they will repay your efforts time and                          time again referring you to others.****Home                          Inspectors can make a substantial living                          performing Home Inspections. On the average two Home                          Inspections could be properly performed per day.  You can run this business even part-time                          easily, in the evenings and weekends performing as                          little as 3 inspections a week. See how easily this                          part-time income can replace your full time one.**
                                                                                                                                                                                    **                         "THIS BUSINESS                          HAS UNBELIEVABLE RETURN ON ONE'S INVESTMENT"**
                                                               **When you warn a client about a serious housing                          defect that can be costly in the long term "you                          become                          their best friend for life" you equally feel satisfied                          when you have educated your clients about their home                          they are purchasing and therefore are able to make an                          informed decision.**                                                                                                                                                                **"Being In Business                          For Yourself, Not By Yourself"**

I’m quite sure that near the same scenario exists here!!

Do you think that it’s the training that causes 90% to fail in business or that the HI field is saturated?

Other than “registered” massage therapists and HI’s, what other “certified” field has a 90% failure rate of new practitioners?

Why do you ask questions when you have previously given the answers .

Lets do it.