Are these old concrete forms?

Hi guys
Quick question. I am thinking that these are just old concrete forms left in the foundation after pouring. One was rotted with insect activity. They do not go all the way through the concrete I can’t tell how far they go above the siding. What do you guys think?

I’ve seen those twice in the last 2 years. I think they are nailing strips for siding. They allow the siding installers to install the siding down the foundation walls further.

Thanks They are kind of weird. i am worried abot the rot and with the insect activity aound the one

Are they only in the corners? One would think they should have used treated lumber this close to the ground.

Thay are where the siding is. I am worried about the insect activity though

Recommend a pest control contractor

agreed little to close to the ground there:shock:

I referred it to pest control

Pest control guy is going to say it is not correct. :smiley: Condition condusive

Possible forms, possible siding attachements.